Want To Create The Next Million Dollar App? Here’s How You Can Do It!

Author: SHAH ANAS | September 21, 2020 - TekRevol Team
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How to Make a Million Dollar App?

This generation of technology has its complexities. One of the most alluring gadgets nowadays is an app. This is a necessary software downloaded on your device, which provides you with an essential service. But that doesn’t matter right now. You came here for a much more important reason.

Want to create the next million-dollar app?  Here’s how you can do it!

  • Want To Create The Next Million Dollar App?

Coming Up With An Idea!

You can hire an Android application development company or an iOS app development company to get started on your app idea, but doing that without running a feasibility study or knowing about the execution framework for app development would just be plain stupidity.

Even if you have an idea, what good is it going to do to you if you don’t know how to execute it?
Ideas are definitely the major starting point for any good app project, but that’s not where everything ends.

What matters more is executing the idea in the right way and those that have done this, are the ones that have gone on to create million dollar apps.


Planning- Your Maestro

The idea is not just the whole game, planning is what that matters most. You will need numerous things on your way towards transforming your dream into a viable reality. But no matter how advanced your plan is, it is nothing short of failure without a good idea.

Coming up with an idea for a million-dollar app doesn’t require one to be a genius. You need to be aware of market trends and the interests of the general public. It’s not an easy task, but with the proper homework and execution, you can well be on your way to making a million-dollar invention.


Determination- The Prime Factor

The first thing you should have in mind is that your success should be definite, not instantaneous. Million-dollar app ideas don’t just pop up. They require a detailed study of human, social, and market requirements.

As they say, necessity is the mother of invention. The invention you plan to make should be something that remains useful in the future until a more straightforward solution is created. Think over this for a long time and do proper research on it. Remember that the more time you spend on it; the more likely it is to turn out to be a success!


Research- The Main Element

For a million-dollar app, you will need to come up with a million-dollar app idea. At first, you may think that this idea should revolve around current market needs.

This Is Not The Case!

The market changes every month and trends keep on evolving. You have to plan long term. Something that you are sure of, others won’t think of for a long time.

Be Quick- And You will Rock!

Quickness is also a key factor. Right now, many developers will already be thinking of the same idea you have. Therefore, there is no time to waste.

Sharing, In This Case, Is Not Caring!

Once you have formulated a plan, please share it with the people you trust, such as family and friends, or anyone willing to give an honest opinion. Please do not share it with anyone whom you might think will steal your idea or spread it.

And Geniuses Were Robbed!

Throughout history, many genius ideas have been stolen. For example, Nikola Tesla himself was the first person to discover that his coils could transmit and receive words over large distances. However, his idea was turned into reality first by someone else through inventing the radio broadcast.

Similarly, Facebook was an idea between four college students, including Mark Zuckerberg. However, Mark launched Facebook without the consent of the other three. Currently, Facebook is worth a whopping $547 billion.

One innovative idea from Tekrevol would be to create a Logistic app. Read our blog on “How Logistic Apps Are Revolutionizing Logistics Around The Business World” to determine why we want you to build a Logistics app.


The Core-Crux

So you can say that it was a multi-billion dollar idea. Determination, Speed, and Secrecy, as well as skill and resources, are all you need to come up with million-dollar app ideas. It may take time, but your efforts will indeed bear fruit.



Million-dollar app ideas aren’t a one-person show. You will need people who possess the same determination and thinking as you.

However, these people should be honest. Remember that they are going to be co-founders of the app if your plan works out!

The ideal start-up team should consist of a hardcore developer, a passionate marketer, and a thinker. Together, they can develop the idea that can surely make millions, even billions in some famous cases.

Specify Your Type!

Now generally, an app that makes millions can be of three basic types; a gaming app, a tool app, or a social media app. All three are very difficult to design and execute, and it’s more difficult to gather an audience for them.

However, with the right marketing strategy and resources, you can make your app the next big thing.

Target an Audience!

The first thing you need to know is that your app should target a wide range of ages. Jokes apart; only a few people will know of your app at the start, so create something in accordance with the age factor. This will get you users of various ages.

Seek Inspiration!

Look for something that you need in your life. All inventions came to be, this way! Your app should provide a service or bring ease in doing a service.

The Slow You Go, More You Win!

The app should be different, a catalyst in performing business or work. Daily work can show you what annoys you or bring great convenience or improvement in your work.

Case in Point:

For example, you find it difficult to spell words while typing, so autocorrect helps you. Ease of use causes a person to be attracted to something. Everybody wants help in something, no?

By specifying requirements and filtering out useless information, you can easily find out what people want. It’s your job now to make an app through which this need can be fulfilled efficiently.


You must pay attention to small details and remain determined regardless of whatever people say. Success doesn’t come overnight. Million-dollar app ideas require a million-dollar plan. Revise your project with your partners. Do not hesitate to spend money.

You Fail-You Rise!

Another major thing is that you must cope with failure. It is most likely that at first, your start-up will fail. This is because out of 12 start-ups for apps, only one gets successful. Suppose things don’t work out, no matter, keep removing errors from your plan and try again.


Ways Of Creating Your Very First Million-Dollar App

There are multiple ways of creating a million-dollar app, but these work only if you have a proper monetization strategy. These can include:

  • Advertisements
  • Creating a premium version of the app
  • Creating a paid app
  • In-app purchases


Other companies will pay you to put their advertisements on your app. These ads may annoy the user, so you could come up with a pay to remove ads feature as most apps do.

However, apps with pop up ads are considered a bit unprofessional. If you have chosen to make a gaming app, then you could consider giving the player a choice to watch an advertisement video to obtain some goods. As far as million-dollar app ideas go, this is one of the best.

Premium Features:

As mentioned above, another way is to create a basic app with buyable features. This will make the premium version worth money. This premium version of your application will provide more features.

You may give the user a limited time demo of the premium version so that they may know what they are buying. This is regarded as the best marketing strategy through business surveys. These are usually common in tool apps.

Pay To Get:

Another way is to make your app worth money. This will be one time buy-only. Such apps are cheap, usually with a price below 10$. Even if half a million people buy it, regardless of whether they like it or not, you’re going to make a decent sum of cash.

However, for such apps, a lot of money will be consumed in the up-gradation and maintenance of the app.

In-App Purchases:

In-app purchases are the most common way of making money as pioneered and shown to the world by the mobile gaming app industry. While the basic app is free to use, some features require you to pay up in order to get access to them. For e.g. Fortnite app is free to play but the game has a currency, which can be used to buy different weapons and other important gadgets that will help you perform better, and this currency is in the form of in-app purchases.

Today, teenagers are addicted to various mobile games. They relish these games so much that they are willing to make purchases in order to make further progress in them.

This is an opportunity for developers nowadays. Although shooting games have forever been the trend, teens are looking for something different. So if you have a new idea, then who knows, you might even play a major role in pioneering the next major trend in the gaming industry!


Breathtaking Million Dollar App Ideas- Will Soar You

Here we have come up with some million dollar app ideas keeping in mind long terms market trends and interests of the general public. So feel free to read our million-dollar ideas list.

Graphical Café Framework:

A graphical café reservation framework will permit clients to see precisely which tables are accessible and when along with modifications.

A Scanning Application:

A scanning application that alerts the user of the expiration date of foods in their fridge

An AI App:

An AI app can list down your ingredients and give you a dish with its steps.

An Educational App:

An application that helps students streamline their educational activities much more easily.

Automatic App Wisher:

The application that right away sends a blessing to your friends and family at a named date and time so that you never miss those significant minutes!

AR Fueled Application:

An Augmented Reality (AR) fueled application that permits you to “structure” your room, in actuality, and afterwards “purchase” that identical plan from an interior designer.

Money Transaction App:

An open-world game that involves real money and transactions!

A Language Application:

A language application that deciphers the verbally expressed expressions of the two players progressively, so they can easily talk with one another.

Code Scanning App:

An application that scans a fast food item to tell how much calories, fats it has.

Beat Scanning App:

An application that can easily scan and store documents by leveraging your phone’s camera as the primary scanning device.

Reading App:

An app that helps you read a book either through a pdf or in an audiobook format.

Hairstyle App:

An application that uses filters on a person to tell which hairstyle suits him or her best.

A Connecting App:

A social media site in which you talk to strangers about their lives!

These are some of our million dollar app ideas, which will surely provide you with enough insight and inspiration to help you get started right away!


How to Build A Billion-Dollar App?

Million-dollar app ideas aren’t common. Billion-dollar app ideas, on the other hand, are out of the question. However, once you make a million-dollar app using a million-dollar app idea, it’s possible that you can turn your app into a billion-dollar entity.

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Author : SHAH ANAS

Shah Anas is a Business Development Executive who believes in the responsibility of businesses to give back to society. Away from the office, Shah loves to talk about sports and politics and is always ready to post a long status on trending topics.

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