Listing Down The 11 Best Ideas For Building Educational Mobile Apps in 2020

Author: SHAH ANAS | September 11, 2020 - TekRevol Team
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Listing Down The 11 Best Ideas For Building Educational Mobile Apps in 2020

The rising influence of technology in each sphere of our modern lives has also started to penetrate the education sector as well. Apps are now becoming increasingly commonplace as avenues to foster better, more integrated learning by making available a wide variety of tools that benefit students.

Conventional learning methodologies are now being superseded by apps that make things much more interactive and fun to engage with.

Now, a student doesn’t need to go to the library every time he/she needs a book, there can be an app for that which contains as many or even more books than the physical library ever can.

Educational app ideas like these are fostering a new era of learning that will surely increase the productivity of students and enhance their skills in a much better manner than ever before.

Here’s us listing down the top 11 educational mobile app ideas for learning in 2020:


1. Develop A Differently Abled Learning App:

Differently-abled students require a different set of learning tools through which they can continue their educational journey.

Apps can help immensely in this regard as they can instantly solve most of the problems that differently-abled students face in this regard. Children who cannot physically go to schools due to any issue can have the school come to them in the form of an app.

Designing an app that would help in this regard could turn out to be a great idea for you as there is a lot of demand for such technologies these days.

From specialized apps for autistic children to apps that can make learning easier for dyslexic children through custom lessons, the potential of apps for differently-abled learning continues to remain incredibly high.


2. Develop An Educational Game App:

It’s been known for a very long time that the best learning happens when the learning environment is fun, interactive and intellectually stimulating for children. Teachers all across the world try to make their classrooms offer the exact same environment to students. This can be turned into a brilliant app idea for iOS and Android by developing an app that could provide students with the exact same experience.

Educational game apps can be of many types. From including puzzles, quizzes, pictorial guides to letting students set high scores based on how much progress they make in each category, there are a lot of interesting ideas that you can experiment with.

Through educational game apps, even the most difficult to teach a subject can be made fun to learn like arithmetic and grammar.

The best part of making such an educational game app is that it can have a very wide demographic reach among kids. From preschoolers to high school students to even university-level students, anyone can interact with these apps if you set different difficulty levels based on individual learning capacity.


3. Develop A Language Learning App:

Language learning apps are perhaps one of the best educational app ideas that you can pursue because of the globalized reach they can bring to you.

An app that helps children learn new languages can have wide-ranging applications. Kids have to learn languages across a wide variety of situations including when immigrating to a new country, for a school subject, or for general knowledge enhancement even.

If you are looking for the perfect education Android app ideas for students to invest in, then the language learning app could be among your safest bets.

Just look at the success of Duolingo to check just how much of an impact such an app can have.

The basic structure of such an app is very easy to come up with. Start off by incorporating daily learning lessons for students based on different topics. Build different sections in the app with each one of them offering different language-based skills like understanding sentence completion, word meanings, pronunciation based learning among others. If you include assessments and tests within your language learning app, it would be even better.


4. Develop A School Transport Tracking App:

A School transport tracking app can be one of the most important and helpful Android app ideas that can help school administrators and parents to track their children easily.

Young students use school transport the most as either their parents are working or they do not own a vehicle. A transport tracking app will bring transparency in the movement of these vehicles and let the parents know when their child is expected to arise.

Such an app if made available on both iOS and Android, can bring down cases of abduction and kidnapping by significant margins.

This application can also be beneficial to remind parents of the bus timings for their kids.

The school transport tracking app can also help track places that have traffic or are closed due to any other reason. At times parents get worried if their kids come home late from school so this app can help them view the expected time of the bus reaching their home.


5. Develop A Digital Learning Assistance Or Digital Tutor App:

Many kids require extra assistance for either their full course load or for some special subject. In such a scenario, finding a suitable tutor can become a big hassle for parents and students alike.

A Digital Tutor App can solve these issues by offering both tutors and parents with a platform through which they can find a suitable arrangement. This way, a Digital Tutor app will make available the most highly qualified tutors from all across the world to students via this app.

This app can also have other wide-ranging applications as students can learn other things apart from academic subjects like taking a digital music class, learning to recite religious texts, and even get advice on career management or personalized counseling.


6. Develop A Grammar Check App:

Have you seen just how much of a hit the Grammarly app has become?

In our modern digital world, we continuously engage with a lot of people on a lot of different platforms and a grammar check app can help us correct our messages and interactions, by making them error-free.

A Grammar check app for kids is an excellent idea as this will immensely help them out in keeping their assignments and projects error-free. And when such an app is on their mobile and continuously assisting them in each and every conversation, it will bring incremental betterment to their vocabulary and writing.


7. Develop An Audiobook Application:

An Audiobook application can be used for visually impaired children as they can listen to books of their favorite authors and from among different categories.

Also, this audiobook application can be used by everyone.

It can help kids with a busy schedule to listen to audios of their favorite books anywhere.

On top of this, Audiobooks can also help students listen to modern-day podcasts and even classroom lessons to ensure that such an Audiobook app has an incredible utility for students at all times.


8. Develop A Augmented Reality-Based Educational App:

Ever considered how difficult it is to make students visualize what the Doppler Effect is or how exactly the solar system works? Incredibly complex right? Well, AR-based educational apps can solve this issue in no time at all.

AR-based educational apps can help teachers simplify difficult concepts and make classroom learning interactive on a high number of levels.

The best use of such educational apps is in the science and history classes so that students can not just be involved in rote learning and can engage with ideas on a more personal level.

iOS & Android, both OS can be used to design an excellent AR-based educational app that is innovative and on par, technology-wise, with most modern-day AR-based apps being used in other industries.


9.  Develop A Specialized App For Exams:

Perhaps the highest amount of assistance required by students is during their exam season.

An app designed specifically for helping students get through exams can be the next killer idea you have for an app on iOS and Android.

Such an app can help students keep track of their preparation and check if their progress aligns with the remaining amount of time they have.

Some incredible features for such an app for exams include a feature which limits or locks social media apps so that kids can focus more on studies, telling students on how much they studied each day by tracking their schedules, an option to list or bookmark important lectures or notes for the exam etc.

An app for exams will only work if students find it productive and helpful enough during exam season.

  1. Vocabulary application: This application can be helpful for everyone. As we all need to improve vocabulary but it can help students to prepare for their SAT exams and other competition. It can be used for enhancing vocabulary. A vocabulary app helps you learn not just new words but also correct your spelling, pronunciation, phrases, and more.

10. Develop A Self-Note Or Flashcard App:

Just like the word suggests, a flashcard app can be incredibly useful for students to note down anything they deem important from the lecture they receive in schools. They can even use it for other purposes like noting important facts from a show they just watched.

A flashcard app can also be used to create a separate feature where students can keep reminders related to upcoming project deadlines or any other imminent task ahead.

It would be even better if you could integrate the flashcard app user community together so that students can share important notes with each other via the app itself.

It can be a top draw Android app idea for students if executed in the right manner.


11. Develop A Social App For Students:

A Social app designed solely for students will help kids from several schools or universities connect together in order to have meaningful interactions.

It can also help foreign students connect to people from their city or area which can further help them settle in a new place or help each other, as it is easy to connect and settle with people who have similarities. Also, it can help people to find accommodation and other important facilities.

This excellent Android app idea for students can also help kids in initiating CSR activities, organizing fundraisers, getting help for research-based projects among others.


Create Your Own Educational App For Kids:

With so many incredibly intriguing ideas listed above for making educational apps for kids, there is no dearth of inspiration for you if you are looking to get one made soon.

Educational apps help students and kids overcome different challenges during the learning journeys while at the same time making learning fun and highly interactive.

Your next big app idea can be explored in this category most definitely, and if you want to get one made then you can contact our idea validation team right now.

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Author : SHAH ANAS

Shah Anas is a Business Development Executive who believes in the responsibility of businesses to give back to society. Away from the office, Shah loves to talk about sports and politics and is always ready to post a long status on trending topics.

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