How Are Logistics Apps Revolutionizing Logistics Business Around The World?

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March 20, 2020 - TekRevol Team
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The logistics and transportation business is a 24-hour ordeal. It requires run-time monitoring of all operations, which can be quite taxing. For the logistics industry, it is vital to have a solution that can track all these operations and activities continuously, and that’s where digital solutions such as mobile application development come into play.

Logistics apps are a reliable solution to ensure constant monitoring and management of your delivery and logistics tasks.

For this, businesses can look towards hiring a logistics app development company, they need to identify mobile app development companies that can develop logistics mobile apps for both Android and iPhone.

But before we discuss the details of why a Logistics app is good for your business, let’s identify what logistics apps are, and their different uses.


What Is A Logistics Mobile App?

Logistics businesses offer their customers the ability to ship goods and packages from one place to another. One of the biggest factors within the success of a logistics business is the trustworthiness of their service.

Logistic apps provide digital solutions to the logistics and transport businesses to manage their fleet, fleet routes, shipment details, driver information, information on their goods, and their status reports.

These apps provide a trustworthy platform for package and delivery management, which can be a contributing factor to the trustworthiness of the logistic business.

On-demand logistics apps allow customers the option of advance bookings for transfers whenever they require such services. Real-time updates allow consumers to monitor the status of their package or shipment. This allows the trucking, transportation, or logistics business to provide real value to their clients by managing their deliveries efficiently to create recurring consumers based on a long-term relationship.

So whether you have a specialized iPhone app development company on board with you or an Android one, you can reap numerous advantages through building such an app and streamline your logistics side of the business.


Types of Logistic Apps

Within the Logistics, Trucking, and Transportation businesses, there are 4 types of Logistic apps that they can leverage for numerous benefits. These types are as follows:

1.Fleet Management Apps

Fleet Management Apps are used to record fleet-related data. You can use the apps driver panel to assign the app to a driver and manage the fleet with a complete end to end solution.

2.On-demand apps

On-demand apps are consumer-facing and can help your business engage and connect with a client and deliver their package or goods based on their requirements, making your logistics business more accessible and convenient.

3.Tracking Apps

Tracking apps are incredibly useful to get real-time updates on the status of a delivery and the location of the driver, monitoring fleet routes, and improves your response time if something goes wrong, such as an accident.

4. Warehouse Management Apps

A warehouse is an essential part of many logistics businesses. A custom mobile app dedicated to your warehouse can be used for recording, storing, and accessing warehouse data at any time, and from anywhere. This helps you keep the management process simple and effective, with complete oversight.

Depending on the nature and size of your business, you can also choose to get leverage custom mobile app development that ensures the integration of all these different functionalities into one mobile app. That app can be your business app, helping you transform your business into an industry leader with improved customer service, business management, process efficiency, and timely delivery.


How Can Logistics Apps Benefit Your Business?

No matter what the current situation is, the logistics industry is affected by a lot of issues that would variate following the territory it is located on and the scale of an enterprise. Moreover, some general points are universal all over the world. An on-demand logistics app also offers several other benefits, such as:

Vehicle Tracking

Tracking vehicles brings accuracy to your logistics business. With the help of a logistics mobile app, you can use geolocation to track vehicles, get real-time updates on deliveries, and provide a client-facing module for the logistics app to ensure complete process transparency with your client.

Vehicle Tracking

You can also leverage GPS technology to provide aid or help in cases of emergency to your drivers in case of any accidents, mishaps, or errors.

Robust Fleet Management

Traditional Fleet Management requires an insane amount of manual oversight to ensure that your business thrives. Using a logistics mobile app, you can efficiently manage your fleet by storing the data of your drivers, their routes, and their schedules in the app.

This will help you create efficient operating procedures and improve the productivity of your resources to ensure maximum output in the smartest and easiest way possible.

Eliminating Paperwork

Conventional logistics businesses have to deal with a lot of paperwork related to transportation and delivery. A digital solution such as a customized logistics app can help you get rid of that paperwork and execute your tasks and manage your business with the help of a few clicks on your mobile device, eliminating the need for paperwork as a whole.

Better customer service and accessibility

With the help of a logistics app, you can ensure that you are 24/7 available for your clients and provide timely updates on their deliveries.

If you want to go the extra mile, getting a logistics mobile app developed with a client module that lets them track their own packages is one of the best customer service options that you can provide preemptively.

This can allow consumers to also book their orders and provide delivery requirements using the logistics app in their phone, in a convenient manner, making your business more accessible than ever.

Consumer Retention

A feature-rich logistics app ensures that your business provides top-of-the-line consumer experience, with complete transparency, efficient delivery management, and customer service, ensuring that your business can retain consumers with long-lasting relationships and trust.


Logistics Apps That Are Revolutionizing The Industry

While it is ideal to get your custom logistics mobile app developed and designed according to your business needs, we can still look at some of the big players in the logistics industry that provide logistics mobile apps for businesses to leverage.

1. DHL Supply Chain

DHL is a globally renowned logistics business, thanks to its multicarrier systems that provide state-of-the-art shipping solutions for their customers. The DHL logistics app provides user-friendly logistics management, including the ability of consumers to track their sea and air freight shipments.
Moreover, the DGF Cargo Mobile Tracking app offers tracking on the go with features such as user shipping history, shipment status, and tracking details. The mobile app is available for free on iOS and Android for free, making DHL a consumer-first logistics business that generates value for its clients.

2. XPO Logistics Inc.

XPO Logistics provides a seamless consumer experience with their mobile app, with special regards to consumer satisfaction. XPO’s logistics app provides order tracking, personalized alerts, scheduling deliveries, and a top-quality last-mile experience, making it one of the best choices for businesses across a wide range of niches.

3. C.H. Robinson Worldwide

C.H. Robinson’s logistics app, “Navisphere Carrier” is a great platform for businesses to manage and oversee their processes. The Navisphere Carrier app allows them to manage driver assignments, current loads, and document processing, and a lot more. Their logistics mobile app is a complete platform to reduce manual effort, improve load planning, and provide timely alerts and updates to ensure efficiency.

4. UPS Supply Chain Solutions

UPS supply chain solutions are multicarrier solutions that help consumers manage their own shipping processes online. Their solutions are incredibly dynamic with the provision of cost controls that provide consumers incredible flexibility through their online platforms.
The UPS logistics app is a great asset that can help manage multi-location shipping from various locations, such as warehouses, distributions centers, and retail stores with seamless integration and efficiency.


Wrapping Up

The Logistics Industry requires global accessibility and real-time tracking to ensure transparency. Logistics businesses are providing a wide variety of services that can be automated and made easy with the help of logistics app development for businesses.
From easier business management, vehicle tracking, fleet management, and warehouse management, you can leverage mobile app development to revolutionize your logistics business and become an industry leader within the digital world.
You can say goodbye to all the paperwork that keeps you bogged down in menial work and work towards scaling your business and transform it into an industry-leader with the help of a custom logistics app designed specifically for your business and the requirements of your target audience, just like the industry leaders we covered above.

Author : SHAH ANAS

Shah Anas is a Business Development Executive who believes in the responsibility of businesses to give back to society. Away from the office, Shah loves to talk about sports and politics and is always ready to post a long status on trending topics.

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