What Is Unity Game Development? Learn How to Get Started Easily with Unity3D

Author: Muhammad Bin Habib | July 5, 2022 - TekRevol Team
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Do you like gaming? Are you interested in building a career in gaming and making a global impact? Then don’t miss out on reading this article.

Here – we will be discussing in detail about Unity game development – different career paths and the skills you will need for building games in Unity 3D.

But if you are new to the technicalities and don’t understand the key differences between game design and game development, you might have a hard time.

If you do know the differences – let’s move forward and learn more about Unity 3D and how games are built using the engine.

But before, let’s quickly have a look at the pointers we will be covering in this article.

  • What is Unity?
  • What is Unity game development?
  • What are some specific uses of Unity Game Dev?
  • What are the languages used by Unity?
  • Quick Comparison: Unity Vs. Other Game Development Engines
  • What do you need for Unity game development?
  • Getting started with game development with Unity: the process
  • How much do game developers charge for Unity mobile game development?
  • How to learn game development in 2023?

What is Unity?

Unity is a game engine that is primarily used to develop simulations and games for various devices. These devices include smartphones, computers and consoles.

Unity was first announced in 2005 by Unity Technologies. Unity is a comprehensive tool that allows easy development or production of games and helps with numerous processes.

What Is Unity Game Development?

Unity game development is a process through which games are developed using the Unity gaming engine. Unity allows for completion of various tasks related to the game production.

Unity game development involves multiple types of game creation which also include 2D and 3D game development. Unity is loaded with a lot of revolutionary features that make it convenient to build exquisite games.

The Unity game development method is sometimes also known as Unity 3D game development because of its increasing support for 3D rendering. Features such as collision detection, physics, 2D and 3D rendering are all what game developers need.

unity game development

Unity helps developers with its in-built features and libraries. Through this, whether it is physics or something else, developers don’t have to stress about perfecting every inch. The tool itself covers most of the requirements.

Meaning that developers have more time to focus on other aspects of the game which not only improves the gameplay but increases the chances of success.

So, now that you understand what Unity 3D is, how does Unity work – we can move forward and understand more about the platform. More importantly who must use Unity and when to use it.

Why Choose Unity for Game Development?

While Unity is not the sole game development engine or game development platform in the market, it has certain advantages over other options. So, if you need to work on the below-mentioned, it is ideal that you go with this platform.

· Multi-Platform Development

When Unity was released, it supported only one platform and that was Mac OS X. It was built exclusively for Mac OS X but later, the scope expanded and today, it is known as the most versatile game development engine.

Nowadays, whether you need to create a game for Android, iOS, web, Consoles or others, Unity game dev allows you to build for any platform with ease and accessibility to all the groundbreaking options and features.

· More Than Just 2D & 3D Game Development

If you choose Unity and learn how to use Unity, you can build more than just 2D or 3D games. The Unity platform covers almost all the aspects and provides comprehensive coverage and convenience to the developers.

Unity platform is often perceived to be the uncrowned king of the game development world. Numerous successful games and simulations have been built through the engine. Moreover, it now supports AR & VR development as well – leaping into the future.

· Less Code Dependency

Coding is essential when it comes to building games but you don’t need it every time. The world is progressing fast and today, there are a few options available through which you can build games without any understanding of game development.

When you want to learn to use Unity and build games, there are multiple languages that you can use. C#, C, C++ and more. C# (read c-sharp) is known for gaming here. But no worries if you don’t know C# – you can still build basic games.

· Community Support

When you choose Unity as the game development engine for your platform, rest assured that if you face an unavoidable problem, you will be rescued. In the programming world, there are online communities that are very active and help out those in need.

So, whether it is a small rendering issue or a major bug – you can expect help from top-notch developers all around the globe. There is always strong community support available online for Unity game development-related issues.

· Game Prototyping

The Unity Asset Store (discussed later in the article) is one of the reasons why Unity game developers find it convenient to build game prototypes. Prototyping allows developers and game owners to identify potential lags and bugs. Improve easily.

Also, as mentioned above, the use of AR and VR with Unity makes it the foremost choice for most game development companies. Testing the augmented reality or virtual reality features enables a better understanding of what the final version may look like and how it can contribute to improving the overall experience.

· Impeccable Graphics

Another advantage of choosing this game engine is that it allows the development of impeccable graphics. The top-quality visual content generated has become the introduction of this tool, allowing for options that go beyond imagination.

The jerk-free, unfelt yet smooth movement of objects and characters of the game while maintaining exquisite results is made possible through the development engine. The better the graphics, the better the game experience.

· Unity Asset Store

Unity Asset Store is an online store. As the name suggests, it is a virtual store where developers can find assets at amazing prices. The variety of assets includes animations, characters, sounds, 3D structures, and more that developers can easily use.

Unity Asset Store is an incredible avenue for the Unity game developers to kickoff Unity 3D game development. The store makes everything easy. From Unity game design to the development – it caters to all the varying needs.

  • Do You Already Have a Unity 3D Game Idea?

  • Our expert Unity developers are proficient in building exquisite games using technologies, delivering the best to the clients. If you have an idea that you think can be the next big thing on the gaming world’s horizon, don’t be late. Share with us and begin with the development.

Programming Languages Used for Unity Development

For game development, there are multiple coding languages that are used. However, there are certain ways through which games can be built without having to write a single line of code – but customization and enhanced experience demand code.

Among others, C# (C-Sharp) is the go-to coding language for most Unity developers. C# is not among the most demanding coding languages and beginners can easily get started after understanding the fundamentals.

Other languages used for Unity development include Boo and JavaScript. Moreover, languages other than C# are not, by any means, any less effective and useful. They are just as powerful and beneficial for all.s

Unity Versus Other Game Engines

If you are in the gaming industry or have been around the game dev arena, you must already know that Unity is not the only game development engine in the market.

This means that there is fair competition when it comes to building games. Let’s have a look at some other popular gaming engines other than Unity.

  • Unreal Engine
  • CryEngine
  • GameMaker
  • Amazon Lumberyard
  • Godot
  • CoronaSDK
  • Cocos 2d-x

All these game engines have varying specifications and requirements for game dev. Whichever gaming engine you choose, there will be a different set of pros and cons. But since we are talking Unity today, it is among the best and offers a wide variety of options for all.

Other gaming engines are not very beginner-friendly while Unity assists game developers of all stages and skill levels to build world-class games for all. There are various factors that are considered when choosing the gaming engine. The Unity game development comes atop in most of them, ultimately making it the ideal choice.

Getting Started with Unity 3D Game Development: The Process

Unity 3D Game Development

If you are looking to build a game using Unity 3D, the first thing that you have to do is to have a game idea that has enough market potential. Once you have that in place, you can then follow the development process to continue.

Let’s quickly walk through the steps of the game development process.

  • Game Planning: In this phase, everything including game ideation, budget, targeted audience, targeted platforms, pain points and everything else, is defined.
  • Pre-Production: In this phase, the game’s milestones are laid out – storyboarding, storytelling, and technological capacities. Prototyping is done to ensure a smooth process.
  • Production: In the production phase, the modeling, scripting, development, designing and other relevant tasks are completed and then rendered for the final build.
  • Testing: As the name suggests, the testing phase ensures the quality of the development. Going through other aspects and requirements of the game is the goal.
  • Pre-Launch: The pre-launch phase deals with alpha or beta releases of the game, marketing it to the right people, building hype and more.
  • Launch: The launch phase prepping up the game for the launch. To smoothly transition, there might be a few steps that must be taken before the game’s launch.
  • Post-Production: Once the game is built, minor bugs will continue to arise. Solve problems by refining game contents with time.

These are the basic steps of building a game, whether mobile, PC, console or otherwise. For mobile game development specifically though – there are a few factors you should be aware of.

There is a lot more detail in the topic when it comes to identifying the game idea, planning it and then executing it properly. Only expert game development companies and professionals must be trusted.

Cost of Unity Mobile Game Development & Influencing Factors

The cost of Unity mobile game development varies depending on the requirements and the work already done. Moreover, there are several other factors that influence the cost.

Let’s have a brief look at them.

1. Developers

The choice of developers for your game plays an important role in increasing or decreasing your cost. Whether you hire a freelance developer, or go for expert developers using staff augmentation model, the cost can significantly vary.

2. Functionalities & Features

Another factor that impacts your development is the functionalities and features. The better and more refined the features will be – the cost will add up. Moreover, complex issues can be difficult to overcome.

3. Game Type (Single or Multiplayer)

Next is the type of game you are looking to build. If it is a single-player game, the cost of game development will be different, but if it is a multiplayer game with advanced features, you will have to be ready to let your pockets bleed a bit.

4. Use of Technologies

The use of technologies in a game is yet another factor that decides its final cost. A modern technology stack coupled with the latest hardware integration may creep up the costs significantly. A basic game would be very affordable for all. But if you choose to go for a quantum app development project, you will have to pay the cost.

5. Targeted Platforms

One more factor that must not be overlooked is the number of targeted platforms. If the game is to be built for a single platform, it will require less effort. Similarly, if you are targeting audiences worldwide, you will choose multiple platforms for development.

6. Game Design Document

Game design document or GDD is essentially a blueprint that lays out the development criterion and functionality of the game. Simply put, it is a document that comprehensively covers all the requirements and outcomes to make it easier to understand and proceed with the project.

So now that we have skimmed through the cost-influencing factors, let’s quickly walk through the tentative cost of Unity game development services.

Cost of Unity 3D Game Development

The cost of Unity 3D game development can vary significantly, depending upon your requirements and the factors discussed above. However, a basic game would cost around $30,000 to $50,000.

If you choose to step up and build a more intense and feature-rich game, the cost will be around $100,000 to $130,000. Moreover, the development timeline will also increase with the cost.

Also, if you are looking to build a full-fledged game with all the desired features that will make it go viral, it will be more than $200,000. The costs will go up as you rack up the requirements, but so will the chances to rule the mobile game arena worldwide.

  • Ready to Build Your First Unity Game?
  • Gaming industry is among the most popular and profitable segments in the software world. So, if you have an amazing idea that can shift the paradigm and set new trends, share with us – let our game experts refine it – and begin with development instantly.

Learning Game Development in 2023

If you are looking to learn game development, there are numerous online resources through which you can learn and begin your career. But first, you need to understand every nitty-gritty of game design and development, their differences and then decide wisely.

For a start, you can begin searching for tutorials on C# – the most famous programming language used in game development. Any online course can be sufficient to kickstart the game development learning journey.

Also, Unity is a versatile platform now. You can use it to build games for multiple platforms. Unity is supported on Mac OS X, Linux, and Windows but the computer needs to be loaded with right specs in order smoothly complete all the tasks.

Wrapping Up

There is no doubt that Unity game development is among the leading development platforms for games around the globe. Whichever platform you target, correct planning and ideation are of utmost importance and it must not be delayed in any circumstance.

Once you have all that sorted, then comes the point where you choose the right gaming engine and there is no better choice than Unity. Unity game development, by all means, is the most commonly employed approach for game building.

Whether you need to build a native game or you have chosen to go for cross-platform app development, it is the best choice, considering the variety of options and perks offered. Moreover, it heavily depends on whom you choose as your partner in game development.

If you have made up your mind, you must go for an expert mobile game development company to build a state-of-the-art game and ensure its long-term value for yourself and the players.

Author : Muhammad Bin Habib

Muhammad Bin Habib is a computer science graduate passionate about technology, writing, and automobiles. He writes on emerging technologies, mobile apps, cyber spheres, fintech, and digital marketing. He prefers watching documentaries covering military strategy and technology, international security, warplanes, and reading books that fall under the same domain in his leisure time.


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