How to Lead With Your App Idea In 2021

Author: Nabeel | March 5, 2021 - Tekrevol Team
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The two most significant factors that can cause unnecessary delays in your app development and increase your cost of development are consistently making changes to your project scope and poor communication with your App development company.
The reason that this happens is mainly because of ambiguity on your end on how exactly you want certain features to appear in your app or how exactly you envision your app to be.
Without the right guidance and a carefully structured plan, developing your Android or iPhone app can be more challenging and expensive. But, here is how you can avoid unnecessary delays and redevelopment costs and get your app idea rolling on without any issues.


Have An Expert Prepare Your Project Specifications Document

Your development scope is also known as a project specifications document and product requirement document. It includes the flow of your app, its features, the technology required, and technical specifications. It outlines all the details about your project that your Android or iPhone application development company needs to understand your idea and its functionality.

However, if you are a non-technical entrepreneur, then you aren’t the right person to prepare this document. A technically sound individual will focus on the features, logic, technology to ensure efficiency within the scope and costs.

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The development and technical team will ask all the right questions to understand your app idea and translate it into a plan that helps increase your probability of success and optimize development time and cost. You can help your technical team by answering the following questions:

  • What is the core problem that your app will solve?
  • Who is your target audience?
  • Who are your major competitors?
  • What makes your app different from currently available solutions?
  • What is your vision behind the app?
  • Where do you see your app in the next six months?


Comprehensive answers to these questions and any more that your team might have will enable them to create a detailed development scope for your app. This will assist them to get a clear picture of what your app represents, the problem, solution, and plan.


Create a Wireframe For Your App Idea

Answering the questions mentioned above in detail will be very helpful in ensuring your app gets the right direction from the start. But, you can further help your team understand your vision for the app by building a wireframe. This is particularly crucial if you have a precise look or feel that you want to incorporate into your app.


You can use one of the many online tools to create a wireframe for your app idea quickly. If, in any way, using online tools to draw your wireframe is a stretch for you, even a rough drawing of your key app screens on a piece of paper will do the trick. The purpose of creating a wireframe is for your team to more clearly identify the story you want to tell and translate that into your development scope and any other medium of communication between you and your development team.

In your communication with the development team, make sure to clarify that the only purpose of the wireframes is to explain the vision. The team must turn your idea into an intuitive and value-driven user interface and experience.

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Collaborate With Entrepreneurial Developers

Both steps mentioned above will definitely help you ensure your app project finds the right direction and enables you to have better control over your development timeline and cost. However, they can’t make any impact if you don’t have the right team to back-up your efforts.

You want a team that has the technical knowledge to guide you on how to eliminate unnecessary delays and costs by initially focusing on the core features. At the same time, your ideal team should also help you understand how your key features will effectively engage your users. You want your team to be technically sound to provide a clear development plan and ensure the project is not deployed or go beyond budget, along with managing the business side of the project. It means you need to hire entrepreneurial developers.

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iPhone application development companies like Tekrevol have experience of working with entrepreneurs and small businesses. Leveraging the experience of collaborating with startups and technical expertise, our team guides you through building a startup and not just another app.

Finding the right team takes more than providing your list of features and getting a quote. Instead, you need to look for the right partner with experience in guiding startups, entrepreneurs, and small businesses. Entrepreneurial developers will challenge your understanding, plans, and assumptions, even if it reduces the complexity of the scope as well as their income. Above all, as they are involved in the process of creating your development scope, it means they understand the project from its core, and this reduces the chances of delays and problems caused by poor communication.

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Wrap Up

Creating a successful and profitable app requires more than just an extraordinary idea and technical expertise. More than anything else, you need to ensure your project has the right direction and guidance. And that comes from the right team that drives through their business and technical expertise to lead your app idea towards achieving goals.


Author : Nabeel

Nabeel Ahmed is a coffeeholic with an itch for creativity. He loves learning and understanding technology and how it is changing the world for the greater good. He puts forth his creativity to explain how technologies and humans are continually interacting to create a more sustainable and facilitating world. During his free time, you'll find him watching "Family Guy."

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501 E Las Olas Blvd Suite
230, Fort Lauderdale, FL
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