The Future of the Healthcare Industry – AI Enabled Transformation

July 10, 2019 - TekRevol Team
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There is a handful of technological innovations that are actually changing the way people live their lives. However, as tech-enablement solution providers, we aren’t kidding when we say that artificial intelligence (AI) presents the most exhilarating changes yet. Even though AI technology has been around for some time now, the latest improvements have made it more accessible to the masses and adaptable in various industries.

Gazing into the future, experts can easily predict a world where AI plays a more substantial role in our everyday lives. However, healthcare is one of the major industries where the impact of advanced technologies, like AI, have been transforming practices, procedures and lives.

This inclination towards the technological revolution in healthcare has motivated thorough research in this field for the enablement of innovative mobile and wearable gadgets that offer a better standard of life and convenience.

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How AI is transforming the healthcare industry

Experts are already underway to build new AI integrated software applications that help medical practitioners diagnose and treat patients from remote locations. With new advancement in AI technology, it won’t be long before wearable devices can facilitate prediction of medical conditions or measurement of blood sugar levels for diabetic patients and transmit the patient’s data and records to the specified doctor.

There already are technology-enabled devices that measure your heart rate, respiration, and other vital body functions. AI has also been groundbreaking in helping patients better understand their medical condition and how to care for themselves while communicating more effectively with their doctors and caregivers.

However, the key to unlocking some of the biggest problems of our current healthcare system, such as the cost structure and accessibility, lies in shifting the time-consuming human tasks to effective devices and enabling people to self-service their care needs as much as possible. This is how AI-enabled devices will help reduce the amount of human labor needed to provide healthcare services to more people. Moreover, according to Accenture, AI can help address around 20% of unmet clinical demand, in the coming years.
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The advent of wearable and AI-enabled technologies would pave the way for unsupervised learning, applications and techniques to become a pivotal point in the healthcare industry, in recent years. In addition, more flexible regulation and research in the scope of the technology can lead to easier AI adoption – increasing chances of breakthroughs in healthcare services.

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