TekRevol LLC Listed By MobileAppDaily Among Leading Mobile App Development Companies

June 24, 2019 -
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TekRevol LLC has been in the agency field for almost 25 years now, which is not an easy timeline to achieve especially in this industry where technology keeps on changing so drastically that it’s hard to keep up with the pace.

But that’s not the case with TekRevol as their highly skilled team of application developers, testers and app designers are always ready to take on any challenge. Another great trait of this mobile app development company is that they provide a special focus on startups and consider them their passion.

TekRevol’s team is making sure to help budding brands with simple yet innovative end-to-end development solutions for Android and iOS mobile platforms.

Why MobileAppDaily Chose TekRevol LLC?

MobileAppDaily is a leading news portal that is known to cover all the latest and trending updates from the world of mobile applications. Since the inception of this platform, mobile app users and people who consider themselves as tech enthusiasts keep themselves up-to-date with what’s happening in the tech industry.


To offer their clients from startups to Fortune 500 companies with highly customized and innovative digital services is one of the many traits that make this organization stand out from the crowd. In order to appreciate their team’s dedication, MobileAppDaily has decided to feature TekRevol in its list of top-notch Mobile App Development Companies.

Apart from in-depth mobile app reviews, users can also find exclusive annual reports consisting of the best mobile app development companies belonging to various industry verticals. A few reports that were highly requested by the readers were Top Android App Development Companies, Top Blockchain App Development Companies, Top Mobile App Developers in the U.S. and many more.  

Being a reliable source for all sorts of information related to the mobile app industry, MobileAppDaily has successfully created quite a significant user base consisting of hundreds and thousands of tech enthusiasts

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