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Online shopping apps have become a keystone of today’s retail business, transforming the shopping experience with unprecedented ease and a wide range of products.

In Saudi Arabia, these applications have redesigned the way consumers shop, providing a world of merchandise and goods at their fingertips through smartphones and tablets.

Through online shopping apps in Saudi Arabia, users can now easily explore vast product catalogs, peruse reviews and testimonials, compare prices, and securely make acquisitions from the comfort of their homes.

Powered by progressive algorithms and advanced search recommendations, the top online shopping apps in Saudi Arabia satisfy individual choices, guaranteeing a customized shopping journey.

Confirming further chances of success, the COVID-19 pandemic has also played the role of a catalyzing agent, catapulting the growth of eCommerce to unbelievable heights.

Projections indicate an astounding jump in worldwide sales, rising from $4.24 trillion in 2020 to a remarkable $8 trillion by the year 2027, creating roughly a fifth of total worldwide retail transactions.

eCommerce is proceeding, reflecting global trends

In the GCC region, a similar surge in eCommerce is proceeding, reflecting global trends.

From $26.9 billion in 2018, it was observed an increase of $48.6 billion by 2022, as stated by Trade Arabia.

This exponential progress is powered by two major aspects: the extensive convenience of the internet, allowing effortless mobile transactions, and the demographic spread.

In Saudi Arabia, this information is unusual as 60% of the population is below 30 years of age. This can be one of the leading reasons why there occurs a propensity towards accepting eCommerce as the preferred avenue for online shopping.

Top Online Shopping Apps in Saudi Arabia 2024

In the world of eCommerce shopping, Saudi Arabia stands as a leader in the premier market of the Gulf region, boasting unmatched growth and scale.

Against the framework of pandemic-induced mobility restrictions, electronic transactions rushed by an imposing 75% last year, as described by Arab News.

Furthermore, the overall worth of these transactions experienced a considerable 24% uptick equated to the previous year.

Whether you are looking for electronics, grocery items, fashion, or any other product, online shopping apps in Saudi Arabia provide a flawless, time-saving, and sometimes cost-saving solution to achieve your retail requirements.

Grab the future of shopping by embracing the expediency of Saudi Arabia’s leading online shopping apps.

Download your favorite app today and start your journey of unequaled retail pleasure.

Discover the colorful world of online retail in Saudi Arabia with our curated collection of the kingdom’s top shopping applications.

From leading-edge technology to fashion-forward trends and daily prerequisites, explore a world of ease and choice at your fingertips.

Join us as we look into the must-have apps transforming the way Saudis shop online through their apps.

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Step into the dominion of Haraj, the unquestionable leader of eCommerce in Saudi Arabia.

What started as a platform focused solely on cars has developed into the final destination for all things classifieds.

With more than half a million daily visitors, Haraj is your one-stop online shop for everything, from cars and real estate to regular items, electronic appliances, and more.

Whether you’re purchasing or retailing, Haraj provides supreme opportunities both on the web and through its mobile application.

eWorldTrade: Connecting the World, One Business at a Time


Ecommerce stands tall in the world of B2B amongst Saudi Arabia’s top 10 retail performers.

With an intense eye on the potential of the market, eWorldTrade has magnificently linked buyers and sellers globally, getting a status for brilliance in the GCC region.

From online shopping apps in Riyadh to Dubai, its international reach knows no limits, making it a reliable name in the Saudi Arabian digital market. Your Doorway to Endless Choices

Amazon needs no introduction to anyone, even to the people still living under the rocks.

Formerly known as Souq, it opens a world of ease and expedience with the Amazon online shopping app.

Cruise through a diverse assortment of products, from electronics to apparel, fashion items, and more, all with a user-centric interface created to improve your overall shopping experience.

Relish limited deals, fast deliveries, and customized recommendations at your fingertips.

With attributes like one-click procurement and voice shopping through Alexa, Amazon’s app reforms the way you shop online, making it more convenient than before to find what you need, when you need it. Quality Meets Variety

Since its beginning in 2003, eXtra has been identical in quality and diversity in Saudi Arabia.

Supplying all the important international brands, eXtra provides a broad range of products including TVs, audio systems, laptops, smartphones, desktop PCs, accessories, gadgets, and more.

Whether you are acquiring advanced PCs and electronic items, your home entertainment system, or capitalizing on the latest gadgets, eXtra has got you covered with a broad array of products and excellent service. Where Connections Ensue in Real-Time

OpenSooq rules as one of the leading Arabic classifieds platforms in the region of the Middle East, boasting more than 2 billion monthly pageviews.

With real-time connectivity, we bring buyers and sellers together like a dream, enabling communications for goods, services, and jobs with convenience. Your One-In-All Online Shopping Place

As the first-choice destination for online shopping in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Noon provides an unmatched range of products in a single place.

From modern electronics to the latest trends and apparel, homeware, kids’ essentials, gadgets, and more, their broad product range covers all your requirements.

With flexible payment plans, steady sales, and special incentives like the Mashreq VIP card, Noon has pledged to make your online shopping experience as easy and satisfying as possible.

Jarir: A Legacy of Distinction in Retail Market


Created 50 years ago in Riyadh in 1974, Jarir Marketing Company, better recognized as Jarir Bookstore, has grown into the Middle East’s top retailer of consumer IT products such as laptops, servers, PCs, electronic items, and office supplies, along with its premium product books.

With a paid-up investment of of SR 1.20 billion and a strong presence all over Saudi Arabia and the GCC region, Jarir endures to set the standard for distinction in retail. Your Passport to Worldwide Shopping

AliExpress links shoppers globally to a broad selection of inexpensive products through its online shopping application.

With modest prices, protection of buyers, and easy payment options, it has never been this easy to access a broad range of categories such as fashion items, apparel, electronics, IT products, and more at your fingertips.

Carrefour: Redefining Retail in Saudi Arabia


As one of the pioneers in retail in KSA, Carrefour provides consumers with a broad and assorted range of products, from fresh produce and grocery items to household merchandise and apparel.

With over 250 physical hypermarkets and a complete online store, Carrefour endures to grow its presence in Saudi Arabia, delivering customers with access to their preferred brands anywhere at any time.

Carrefour has also invested in an online store due to the rising demands of online presence that delivers customers with access to their preferred shopping brands anytime they want them at home or on the go.

The French multinational retailer has over 12,000 stores in around 33 countries and has grown quickly to become one of the top stores in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, particularly because Majid Al Futtaim, an Emirati holding company based in Dubai, owns exclusive rights to its operations.

Alshaya: Where Tradition Meets Modernization


Enter the world of Alshaya Group, a dynamic family enterprise based in Kuwait’s heritage since the year 1890.

With an untiring pledge to growth and ingenuity, Alshaya stands as a global leader in brand franchise operations, providing a diverse collection of adored international brands to respective consumers.

From health & beauty to home furnishings, and fashion to food, Alshaya’s wide-ranging portfolio spreads across MENA, Türkiye, and Europe, boasting thousands of stores, cafes, restaurants, and leisure destinations.

With an unwavering emphasis on providing exceptional customer service and brand experiences, Alshaya Group endures repurposing the dominion of the retail market.

uBuy: Your Doorway to Amazing Deals


Step into the realm of uBuy, where shoppers communicate with sellers to find supreme bargains.

Whether you are pursuing the best deals or looking to maximize proceeds by selling your merchandise, uBuy offers the platform and tools you require.

From inventory management to logistics breakdown, uBuy backs businesses of all proportions, allowing mom-and-pop shops and key retailers alike to flourish in the modern international market.

With complete marketing resources and services, including traffic improvement and social media marketing, uBuy modernizes the path to success, enabling you to focus on improving and enhancing your business.

iHerb: Nourishing Lives, Naturally


Experience the all-inclusive offerings of iHerb, a place for natural products and health essentials.

From vitamins and dietary supplements for people of all ages, to organic options and health-oriented books, iHerb covers every feature of your welfare.

Whether you are looking for nutritious recipes or discovering novel lifestyle products, iHerb offers a curated collection of over 20,000 items, fluctuating from beauty supplies to supplements for pets.

Enjoy an improved and healthy lifestyle with iHerb, your trusted source for all things well-being.

Eddy: Repurposing Home Living


Presenting EDDY, an innovative idea from United Yousef Naghi Group, a leader in the Saudi market.

As a pioneering provider of furniture, homeware, and electronic items, EDDY blends expertise with modernization to enhance your living spaces.

With 12 stores across six key cities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, EDDY provides a flawless one-stop shopping experience, providing expert service and top, affordable products to enhance your home life.

Experience the EDDY difference today.

Effortless Shopping, Rising Profits: Spread the Word and Let the Retail Fun Unfold

Online shopping apps in Saudi Arabia have ushered in a novel era of convenience, accessibility, and personalized shopping experiences.

From the lively streets of Riyadh to the colorful markets of Jeddah, these apps have become essential tools for customers across the whole kingdom.

With extensive merchandise offerings, intuitive interfaces, and attributes such as personalized recommendations and prompt deliveries, they have effortlessly added to the daily lives of Saudis, providing unmatched ease at the touch of the fingers.

As the techscape continues to develop and evolve, the future holds even greater prospects for online shopping in Saudi Arabia.

With constant modernization, these apps will unquestionably grow to meet the ever-evolving demands and requirements of consumers, further improving the retail experience.

Whether it’s the contemporary fashion trends, leading-edge electronic items, or daily use products, some of the best online shopping apps in KSA have transformed the way proud people of Saudi Arabia shop, delivering an effortless and well-organized solution for their diverse requirements.

Grasp the future of retail in Saudi Arabia’s online shopping apps by tapping into the unlimited possibilities of these transformative digital mediums.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Some of the best and leading online shopping apps in Saudi Arabia include:

  • Noon
  • Souq (now owned by Amazon and rebranded as
  • AliExpress
  • Jarir Bookstore
  • Carrefour Saudi Arabia

The biggest online store in Saudi Arabia is (formerly known as Souq). Haraj is also considered a giant in this business, along with Noon.

The #1 online store in Saudi Arabia is (previously known as Souq). Carrefour is also growing at an unprecedented rate.

The Amazon equivalent in Saudi Arabia is But there are other stores as well such as Noon, Haraj, eWorldTrade, etc.

Absolutely, you can order from Amazon to Saudi Arabia through

The delivery time for orders to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia can change depending on factors such as the chosen shipping method, the location within Saudi Arabia, and any possible customs clearance procedures. Nevertheless, it naturally takes around 5-10 business days for normal shipping, while accelerated shipping options may provide faster delivery times.

Author : Abuzar M.

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