How Much Does an App Development Cost in Saudi Arabia 2024?

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In the constantly evolving and dynamic environment of technology, mobile applications are becoming an essential part of everyday life, user engagement and business strategies. It is crucial to understand the app development cost if you are a business that seeks to expand its online presence or an innovator with a new idea.


Saudi Arabia is a fast-growing app developer market and has an explicit Vision 2030 strategy. In Saudi Arabia, the average mobile app development cost ranges from $30,000 to $100,000, according to market trends.


This range covers both extremely simple and complex applications across a variety of app categories. App type, design complexity and development team expertise all have a big influence on the final mobile app development cost estimate. But how much would it really cost to develop an app in Saudi Arabia in 2024?


Overview of the App Development Market in Saudi Arabia


Recently there is a high demand in Saudi Arabia for the mobile application due to the enhanced technological appropriation and enhanced internet usage. The source Statista reveals that the app development market in Saudi Arabia is rapidly growing, and the revenues generated in this market are expected to amount to 1,595.00m in 2022.


It is envisaged that it will grow further at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 9 % in the future. Growth rate of 95% from 2022 to 2027, with the market volume expected to be approximately US $2,480. 00 million by 2027. 


IAP revenue is expected to reach $1,152,027,615 on its own according to the Newzoo research. 19 billion in 2022, which underscores the promising and financially-profitable nature of this field.


It is forecasted that the paid app sales market will rise to US $20. revenue is estimated at US$18 million, advertising revenue is estimated to be around US$422. 60 million. With 2,360. 00 million downloads in the year 2022; the present average income per download is pegged at US$. 68.


These figures are indicative of the significant opportunity and the high stakes involved in the Saudi app market, meaning that the cost of developing an app must be taken into account. It is essential to comprehend the app development cost when seeking to leverage this emerging market.

Cost Estimates Based on App Categories


Basic Apps


Simple apps with limited functions, such a calculator or news app, usually range in price between SAR 112,500 – SAR 225,000 ($30,000 to $60,000). 

Such applications often have a simple development process, a small number of functionality, simple user interface elements, and no backend infrastructure. They are more affordable since they interest less resources and require less time to produce due to their simplicity.


Medium Complexity Apps


The development cost of apps with a moderate level of complexity, such shopping or food delivery apps, is between SAR 225,000 – SAR 450,000 ($60,000 to $120,000). 

Important features like real-time notifications, payment gateway integration and user authentication are included in these apps. Basic analytics and GPS tracking are a couple of additional features that might be added. These would require a more complex backend system and a more involved development process.


Complex Apps


Complex apps with enhanced functionality, which can be ecommerce solutions, SaaS tools or others, can range between SAR 450,000 – SAR 750,000 (around $120,000 — $200,000) to develop or more.

SaaS app development cost can be especially significant if one considers the need for a reliable backend environment, high levels of security and a flexible design. Many of them have advanced functionalities such as multiple accounts, data encryption, powerful databases and other integration with other services.

Cost Estimation App Complexity Level
SAR 112,500 – SAR 225,000 Basic Apps 
SAR 225,000 – SAR 450,000 Medium Complexity Apps
SAR 450,000 – SAR 750,000 Complex Apps


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Key Factors Influencing App Development Cost

App development cost key factors

  • Type of App: 


The type of app causes an enormous variation in app development cost. For example, the cost of a basic app with basic functions will be lower than that of an intricate app with complex features like augmented reality or AI integration. More complicated apps come with higher costs because they need more hours of development, specialized expertise and extensive testing.


  • Platform: 


The cost for app development is impacted by whether an app is developed for iOS, Android or both platforms. Cross-platform applications may provide a cheaper alternative, although occasionally at the expense of native functionality and performance.

Because they require distinct development processes for each platform, native apps can be more costly even though they often provide a smoother user experience.


  • Design and User Experience: 


The custom app development cost may go up, but investing in a smooth user experience and smart design is crucial to the app’s success. User research, iterative testing and meticulous attention to detail are necessary for high-quality user interface and user experience design, all of which raise the overall cost of development.


  • Qualities and Capabilities: 


The mobile app development cost estimate rises as the number of features increases. The complexity and cost are increased by features like social media integration, GPS navigation, in-app purchases and updates in real time. Every extra feature raises the entire budget significantly because it necessitates more testing, integration work and development time.


  • Development Team: 


The average mobile app development cost is influenced by the team’s size and level of expertise. An established team with a solid portfolio will probably charge more. On the other hand, their experience may result in more effective development procedures and better products, ultimately making the greater expenses justifiable.


  • Location of Development: 


Costs can vary based on whether you outsource to another location or engage a local team. Hiring a local workforce in Saudi Arabia may be more costly, but it might provide greater alignment with the demands of the local market. Costs can be cut through outsourcing, however there may be drawbacks like time zone disparities and communication obstacles.


Detailed App Development Cost Analysis: An Actual Case

App development cost analysis

In order to demonstrate the app development cost breakdown, let us examine the hypothetical scenario of creating a mid-sized e-commerce application. The following is a breakdown of the whole initial mobile app development cost estimate:


  • $5,000 for planning and research
  • $10,000 for design
  • $50,000 for development
  • $10,000 for Quality Control and Testing
  • Maintenance and Deployment: $5,000 per year


This results in an estimated $80,000 for the whole unique cost of developing a mobile app, including yearly maintenance costs.

To offer a more comprehensive understanding, let us dissect the cost of app development into various components:


Planning and Research: 


Since it establishes a foundation for the entire project, this first stage is quite important. It includes feasibility studies, comprehensive requirement analysis and extensive market research. 

These exercises aid in understanding customer demand, identifying potential challenges and establishing achievable goals. Usually, 10% to 15% of the entire app development cost goes into this stage.




For the purpose of pulling in and keeping individuals, user interface and user experience design are essential. In order to create an aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly interface, this step involves developing prototypes to test functionality, finishing the design and creating wireframes to outline the app’s structure. About 15-20% of the app development cost is typically spent on design.




Actual coding and programming happens during this central stage. The features and functionalities of the app are created by developers, who also integrate any required APIs and make sure the frontend and backend operate together smoothly. 


This phase is the most resource-intensive since it can take up to 50–60% of the total number of hours estimated for the development of a mobile app, depending on the app’s complexity.


Quality Control and Testing: 


It is essential to make sure the application is free of bugs and functions properly on different devices. Unit, integration and user acceptance testing are just a few of the rigorous test methods used in this phase. 


Experts in quality assurance seek to find and solve issues that ensure an effortless user experience. Usually, 10% to 15% of the total cost of developing a custom app goes into this phase.


Deployment and Maintenance: 


The app needs ongoing maintenance after it is released in order to continue working and being relevant. This covers security patches, frequent updates and technical assistance. 

This phase also includes tracking user input and making the necessary modifications. Typically, 5–10% of the entire app development cost is allocated to deployment and maintenance, which maintains the app updated and competitive.


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Specific App Development Costs


Food Delivery App Development Cost


Creating a food delivery app needs integrating features like distinct payment channels, continuous tracking and a strong backend to manage large numbers of users at once. 

Depending on the complexity and size, the food delivery app development cost might range from ($30,000 – $60,000). The cost is further impacted by additional features like location-based services and push notifications.


Grocery App Development Cost


Features like inventory management, order processing and product listings are necessary for a supermarket app. Between ($30,000 – $60,000) is the average grocery app development cost.

Delivery scheduling, user accounts, and barcode scanning are examples of additional features that add to the overall cost and mild complexity of the development process.


SaaS App Development Cost


Business scalability is offered via Software as a Service applications. Based on the complexity of the program, the SaaS app development cost might vary significantly, ranging from ($50,000 – $200,000).

For such apps to ensure data security and perfect service delivery, a strong backend architecture, multi-tenancy support and groundbreaking security measures are necessary.


Ecommerce App Development Cost


With features like product catalogs, shopping carts, safe payment methods and user reviews, ecommerce apps strive to provide a perfect shopping experience. 

Depending on how many features are needed and how complicated the integrations like payment gateways and third-party APIs are, the development cost for ecommerce apps can vary from ($30,000 – $150,000).


Healthcare App Development Cost


Features like electronic health record (EHR) integration, telemedicine, appointment scheduling and patient monitoring are frequently seen in healthcare apps. 

The cost of establishing a healthcare app can be relatively significant, often ranging from $40,000 to $250,000, due to strict regulatory standards and the necessity for safe data processing. Compliance to health laws such as HIPAA is essential.


Custom App Development Cost in Saudi Arabia


Custom apps often include unique features and functionalities that are suited to particular business requirements. Depending on the needs, Saudi Arabia’s custom app development costs may differ significantly.

Since custom apps require specific knowledge, unique solutions and extensive testing to make sure they satisfy exact business objectives, their development costs are usually higher.

Industry Cost Range (SAR) Typical Duration
Food Delivery 112,500 – 225,000 2 – 5 months
Grocery App 112,500 – 225,000 3 – 9 months
SaaS App  187500 – 750,000 3 – 5 months
E-Commerce 112,500 – 562,500 2 – 4 months
Healthcare 150,000 – 937,500 3 – 6 months
Education 93,500 – 1,312,500 2 – 4 months
Fintech 112,500 – 937,500 3 – 6 months
Social Networking 112,500 – 225,000 3 – 6 months
Real Estate 112,500 – 187,500 3 – 5 months
Travel & Hospitality 93,700 – 187,500 3 – 6 months


Cost to Hire a Mobile App Development Company


When choosing the appropriate mobile app development company in Saudi Arabia, TekRevol has set some fundamental requirements such as experience, projects, and financial quotes. This goes to explain why prices for contracting a mobile app development company like TekRevol may start from $30,000 for a small application and go up to $200,000 for an enterprise mobile app. It ensures the client with maximum satisfaction through ultimate developments meant for the satisfaction of the concerned client.

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Final Thoughts!


Understanding the cost of app development in Saudi Arabia in 2024 requires considering numerous factors, ranging from the complexity and design of the app to the proficiency of the development crew. Even while prices might vary significantly, making an investment on a carefully planned app can have significant effects on user engagement and business growth. 

You can guarantee a fruitful and economical app development process by carefully evaluating your needs and selecting the most suitable development strategy. 

It’s suggested to speak with experienced developers for businesses wishing to create specialized app types, such as food delivery or grocery delivery applications, in order to receive accurate mobile app development estimate hours as well as customized solutions.

Understanding the cost dynamics will enable you to make wise decisions and realize your objectives for the digital transformation, whether you’re looking for a custom solution or are interested in investigating low-cost mobile app development in Saudi Arabia.

Frequently Asked Questions:

The average cost of designing an app is between $10,000 and $15,000, while the development of an app with sophisticated features like analytics and notifications costs an additional $5,000. These charges cover the expenses of the discovery phase. Phases of testing, maintenance, and support run from $5,000 to $10,000.

The complexity of the program, the features that are wanted, platform compatibility, the design details, and the development team’s skill level all affect how much it ends up costing. As previously disclosed, the total expenses associated with creating a mobile application in Saudi Arabia normally span from $30,000 to $250,000 or beyond.

The cost to design an iOS app can vary greatly, from $40,000 to $730,000. The primary determinant of the approximate cost of developing an iOS app is the app’s complexity. The sorts of devices and the hourly rates of the programmers are other factors that could affect your costs.

The cost of developing an app is influenced by a number of factors. Project managers, quality assurance testers, and back-end and front-end developers all charge fees. Research, design, user interfaces, visual components, and user experience optimization all have additional expenditures.

Author : Waleed K.

Waleed works as a content marketer at Tekrevol, focusing on app development. He enjoys sharing about the latest tech trends in a clear and engaging way. With a love for technology, Waleed brings valuable insights to readers in the fast-changing tech world.

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