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Navigating the complex field of app development can present significant hurdles for startups and SMBs, particularly in securing top-tier talent. London, with its thriving tech market, offers a wealth of opportunities yet poses unique challenges in talent acquisition.

In this article, we explore the complex process of hiring mobile app developers in London for startups, addressing the obstacles faced by startups, market dynamics, and strategies for overcoming these challenges.

From evaluating portfolios to considering client preferences and app developers cost implications, we offer comprehensive insights to aid in the selection process.

Additionally, if you want to hire an app development company in the UK then TekRevol can be your trusted partner in streamlining hiring processes and facilitating efficient team assembly, ensuring startups begin on their app development journey with confidence and success.

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Hiring Mobile App Developers in London: A Challenge for Startups


Securing the ideal candidate to spearhead your web application venture can pose challenges for startups. The difficulty of finding app developers to hire in the UK is caused by a number of variables.

If you narrow down your search to London, where a thriving tech community exists, you can expedite the process and reach a pool of skilled experts that are ready to work with you on your project.

Overcoming Challenges for Startups in Hiring Mobile App Developers in London

Overcoming Challenges for Startups-in-Hiring-Mobile-App-Developers-in-London

Project development is often delayed by startups’ inability to find and hire dedicated mobile app developers. However, this barrier can be reduced by removing some of the obstacles.

Startups can attract and retain talent to move their mobile app projects ahead quickly by creating effective recruitment strategies, taking use of networking possibilities, and providing competitive salary packages.

Project Cost Considerations

When startups handle the hiring and onboarding process internally instead of opting for outsourcing, several crucial factors come into play.

Among them, expertise in mobile app development holds significant importance alongside the unique requirements of the project itself.

The alignment between these two factors is important, ensuring that developers comprehend the essence of the startup’s vision clearly.

Introducing complexity, such as requiring multiple developers to meet time-to-market estimates, invariably leads to an uptick in budgetary requirements.

However, even for seemingly straightforward mobile app projects, having a proficient developer leading the development process is indispensable, without compromise.

So, the issue arises: Is recruiting locally the most economical method to secure an exceptional developer for this endeavor?

The answer lies in exploring alternative options. If the budget doesn’t permit hiring an app developer, one can leverage the outsourcing solutions provided by a recruitment agency.

For example, utilizing our extensive global talent network allows your startup to choose proficient candidates from various regions worldwide, all while maintaining lower expenses.

However, it is important that you collaborate with the right agency for your development needs.

For instance, a startup venturing into London’s FinTech market must strategically align with a top-grade FinTech app development company in London to guarantee the seamless execution of their project.

Furthermore, if you find yourself uncertain about the cost of your app development project, our app development cost calculator tool is here to provide you with a quick and accurate estimate.

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Skill Relevance Dilemma

When seeking to hire mobile app developers, sifting through numerous applications may not necessarily result in finding suitable candidates due to a lack of requisite skills.

The demand for mobile app developers including iPhone app developers and Android app developers is exceedingly high, leading to fierce competition among companies seeking such professionals.

On the other hand, securing the right candidate with the necessary skills becomes a challenging task. Nonetheless, the solution lies in tapping into a global talent pool.

So if you don’t know how to get an app developed then TekRevol is here to guide you through that process. We facilitate access to the most appropriate applicants, ensuring they possess all the essential skills required for your project.

Extended Notice Period Concerns

The notice period presents a significant consideration to hire the best mobile app developers in London.

Even upon discovering the ideal candidate, the UK’s notice period can extend up to six months, potentially causing substantial project development delays.

A protracted notice period can significantly impede project progress. However, opting for TekRevol for startups & SMBs can streamline the process.

Our efficient services expedite candidate selection, enabling your company to secure qualified candidates in under three months, saving valuable time.

Insight into App Developer Salaries in London and UK: Market Analysis

App-Developer-Salaries -in-London-UK

The UK has established itself as a premier destination for companies specializing in app development, boasting a thriving market valued at £19.4 billion.

According to Statista, the UK is home to a substantial workforce of 849,000 app developers, ranking it as the second-largest hub for professional developers in Europe, trailing only behind Germany.

This abundance of skilled professionals highlights the durability and competitiveness of the app development industry within the UK.

How Much Does It Cost to Hire an App Developer in UK?

It is important to take into account the related costs when looking to hire app developers located in the UK.
SalaryExpert.com  states that the average gross yearly income for app developers in the UK is £57,841.

Junior developers typically make between £40,778, while senior app developers with more than eight years of experience make an average of £71,729.

With an average gross pay of £85,104 annually, mobile app developers in London make much more money than those in other parts of the UK – a 47% increase.

London’s average yearly salary for entry-level developers is £59,999, while that of senior developers is approximately £105,539.

How Much Does It Cost to Develop an App?

Makeanapplike.com states that the typical app development cost in UK is between £10,000 to £50,000 for a basic app that takes two to five months, contains standard UI components, limited backend support, and no API interaction.

On the other hand, more complex applications might cost anywhere between £50,000 and £200,000 to develop.

These applications typically take four to nine months to create and include bespoke UI/UX elements, strong backend support, an API interface, and an integrated payment gateway.

What are the Reasons to Collaborate with a London-Based App Developer?

Developers that are working for mobile app development companies in London bring a wealth of expertise and extensive experience in product development, software engineering, and design, catering to renowned brands like Chanel and Canon for their mobile app endeavors.

London’s app development market is characterized by a reliable methodology, diverse expertise, and a deep understanding of various industries.

The focal point of app design in London consistently revolves around the mobile user experience, which is deemed critical for achieving success in the competitive market.

The city is home to a vibrant community of thought leaders, entrepreneurs, and inventors who use modern technology to improve the features and functionality of mobile applications.

App development companies in London offers specialized services in various important areas and are experts at creating applications for both the iOS and Android platforms:

  • Smart Coding: These developers emphasize continuous iteration and integration of the latest technologies throughout the app development lifecycle.
  • UI Design: Recognizing the importance of user-centered design, London developers prioritize intuitive and intentional UI/UX elements.
  • UX Research: Collaborating closely with clients, developers conduct comprehensive research to define project goals and metrics for success.
  • Software Development: Software companies based in London offer a wealth of experience in various technology stacks and frameworks, enabling our developers to deliver solid and scalable software solutions.
  • Post-Launch Support: London-based firms offer ongoing quality assurance, market testing, and strive to deliver exceptional user experiences post-launch.

Access to goal-driven solutions that keep clients ahead of the competition is ensured by having access to diverse and talented teams of app developers in London.

These systems frequently have sophisticated features like IoT integration, easy integration with current backend infrastructure, and user-friendly interfaces.

Additionally, London app development teams prioritize clean code and user-centric design principles, resulting in localized app development projects customized to specific audiences and regions.

Additionally, London-based app development companies use their knowledge to support a variety of platforms, such as VR, AR, iOS, Unity, Android, and more. Additionally, they enable entrepreneurs negotiating the app development marketplace and offer strategic guidance in the establishment of marketing campaigns.

What are the Concerns of Software Development Companies in UK?

Despite the abundant pool of mobile app developers in the country, custom software development companies in London, UK are increasingly turning to outsourcing.

According to the 2020 LiveArea Research, 46% of British businesses opt to outsource their IT and development tasks.

One of the contributing factors to this trend is the scarcity of candidates possessing the requisite experience and skills for mobile app development.

Other than that, UK software development companies are actively seeking international candidates with the necessary expertise.

Furthermore, the app development market in the UK is fiercely competitive, with approximately 8,000 businesses operating in this sector.

Given this intense competition, many companies opt to outsource and assemble teams abroad to mitigate costs associated with mobile app developer salaries.

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How to Choose the Best App Developers in London?


When aiming to find app developers in London, you should first conduct extensive research on the available possibilities.

Initiating this process involves partnering up with a trustworthy Android or iOS app development company that’ll help hire the right team of developers to kick off with your project’s development phase.

Once you’ve compiled a list of probable applicants, schedule interviews to learn about their skill sets and experiences. This step provides you with useful insights regarding their experience and how it fits with your business objectives and mobile app goals.

Prioritize essential areas of consideration during the assessment process, including technical proficiency, originality, and previous project experience.

By carefully analyzing each candidate against these criteria, you can assure a thorough assessment and finally choose the best developer for your project.

TekRevol, a bespoke iOS and Android app development company, is ready to handle all of your mobile app development needs with precision, creativity, and a steadfast commitment to excellence.

Assess the Portfolio

Look through the portfolio of apps that developers have created for their customers, and ask to see examples of their most notable works. Pay close attention to apps created in the same field as the app you have in mind.

UIs that are easy to use should be closely examined since they are a sign that the developer is prioritizing the most important component of the user experience.

A careful review of their portfolio offers insightful information about their qualifications and compatibility with your project specifications.

Client Reference Evaluation

  • Request references from previous clients and prioritize developers who offer customer contact details for feedback.
  • Assess their track record with past brands they’ve served.
  • Review the challenges they’ve successfully navigated.
  • Examine the technology they’ve employed in their projects.
  • Evaluate their past performance and collaboration effectiveness.
  • Gauge the level of client satisfaction derived from their services.

Client Preference Analysis

App development companies in London frequently focus on catering to particular client sectors.

While some would only concentrate on startups, others might serve larger businesses or give priority to collaborating with corporate groups.

Examine the website of an app developer to find out who their normal client is. Ask them directly about their customers’ preferences to find out if they align with the goals and requirements of your business.

Determining the potential for future partnership involves understanding their client’s priorities.

Future App Maintenance

Working with a developer who can offer continuous assistance for app upgrades and modifications is essential. For mobile apps to continue functioning at their best over time, ongoing maintenance is essential.

Make sure the London-based app developer you have chosen provides post-launch help. You should also find out about their bug-fixing processes and any formal agreements that relate to continuous support.

Cost Consideration

When considering the trade-off between affordability and quality, one important consideration is the cost of hiring mobile app developers.

Maintaining high standards in app development while pursuing cost-effectiveness is essential.

Reputable, well-established businesses may charge more for their services. Achieving a balance between the potential for future mobile app-based business expansion and financial limitations is necessary.

Considering the value that developers offer in relation to their charges is important, considering how important mobile apps are to the expansion of businesses in the future.

The Role of TekRevol for Startups & SMBs as Your Hiring Partner


As a professional app development company in UK, TekRevol provides complete support and custom services to meet your project needs for any mobile app development initiatives.

Our broad developer community consists of people with a variety of foreign experiences and outstanding English language skills.

Our workforce, which is distributed throughout 11 time zones in North America and 3 time zones in Europe, guarantees accessibility and cooperation between areas.

Furthermore, our locations in Ireland and the UK offer convenient chances for face-to-face conversations regarding your project.

In comparison to recruiting agencies in the UK, we are very good at quickly putting together teams of intermediate size.

We can usually complete this task in two to four weeks, which is significantly less than the three months that our rivals frequently demand.

Wrapping It Up!

In the end, entrepreneurs and SMBs have both possibilities and obstacles when getting in the London app development market.

Businesses can put themselves in a successful position in the competitive market by anticipating challenges like talent recruiting, cost considerations, and maintenance requirements.

TekRevol is a trustworthy companion for this, providing all-inclusive support customized to meet the specific requirements of every project.

We enable companies to overcome challenges and effectively achieve their mobile app goals thanks to our wide network of talented developers and expertise in hiring process optimization.

Startups may confidently begin their app development journey by utilizing our collaborative approach and skills, as we assure them of a committed partner dedicated to their success.

At TekRevol, our goal is to help entrepreneurs succeed in the continually evolving field of app development by being there for them at every stage.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Here’s how you can find an app developer for your startup:

  • Specify the needs for your project.
  • Select the model of partnership.
  • Do some research and compile a short list of candidates.
  • Check for availability and skills.
  • Verify everything is ready for work before signing the contract.
  • Clarify Your Objectives.
  • Organize the post-development phase.

There are numerous freelance marketplaces where specialists offer a wide range of expertise. Freelancer platforms such as Upwork, Fiverr, Freelancer, PeoplePerHour, and We Work Remotely can help you locate affordable software developers for your firm.

As you can see, there is a wide pricing range. The average cost of app development for a startup business typically ranges between £30,000 and £140,000. App development costs are also impacted by the number of platforms that must be supported and the resources required for development.

The complexity of the app and the features and functionalities needed determine how much it will cost to create one in the UK, among other considerations. The complexity of the design, the platform(s) it will be developed for (i.e., iOS, Android), the degree of customization, and the development team’s skill set are additional factors that drive up prices.

In the UK, the approximate cost to design a basic app may be between £10,000 and £50,000. Additionally, the cost of more sophisticated apps with backend connectivity, user authentication, custom designs, and modern features can range from £50,000 to £200,000 or more.

A Clutch survey indicated that the average minimal app development project cost is between $5,000 and $10,000, but it is important to note that these startup projects only cover the discovery phase. Actual prices are far higher, with a median overall app development cost of $171,450.

Author : Waleed K.

Waleed works as a content marketer at Tekrevol, focusing on app development. He enjoys sharing about the latest tech trends in a clear and engaging way. With a love for technology, Waleed brings valuable insights to readers in the fast-changing tech world.

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