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The Bookship app made it big on the app stores as a social app for people who have the itch to read and share their experiences with other readers.

With plenty of social media and entertainment apps making it big in the industry, the founder of the Hawaii Project, LLC came up with a one-of-its-kind social book reading app for book readers like him, the Bookship App.

Amid several book reading and review apps, this app focuses on enabling a wholesome reading experience and connecting with friends and family during the read.

Many of you might be wondering what the Bookship app is and how it works; while as an entrepreneur, you might also be concerned about the business potential and lucrativeness of this app.

And therefore, this article covers all of the questions mentioned above in detail.

So, let’s get started on everything you need to know about the Bookship app.


Quick Overview of Bookship App


Price Free – In-app purchases
Ratings 4.5
App Category Social Reading App
Languages English
Platform AndroidiOS
Developers The Hawaii Project, LLC

What is the Bookship App?

The Bookship app is a social reading app for avid book readers to connect with friends, family, and acquaintances to share their reading experiences with them.

Unlike other book review apps like Goodreads and blogs (several on Instagram), Bookship lets users share the smallest details, favorite quotes, images, and much more related to the book they are reading with others in their contacts, that too while reading it.

Additionally, as stated by the founder of the Huawei LLC and the app, Mark Watkins said: “The Bookship app is the perfect way to strengthen your relationships with others through reading.”

So, with everything it offers, the Bookship app is the perfect socializing app for people who love to read.

Image Source: Google Play Store


How Does Bookship App Work?

Bookship app is a camera-ready app for users to enjoy reading books with people like them by sharing pictures from the book or posting a note.

With an easy-to-use chat-style interface, the app lets users share, discuss, comment, and post about the books they are reading, whether it is an e-book, audiobook, or paperback from a local library.

Also, it lets you create a book club where you invite others and share their views and thoughts about a book with snippets and quotes.

Subsequently, this book club app lets you virtually dogear your favorite quotes from the book by sharing them with your friends.

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What are the Features of the Bookship App?

Bookship App, the social book reading app, comes with some peculiar features that help readers connect with like-minded people, enjoy seamless connectivity, talk about subjects they like, and have memorable reading experiences.

Here are some of the essential features this app has to offer:

1. Text Chat-like Interface

Share photos, links, and even emojis, and add comments to discuss their favorite quotes, phrases, and more from the book.

The chat interface offers a virtual highlight feature where users can highlight quotes using their camera.

Also, it has a spoiler tag in the app that lets users hide other readers’ comments until they open it to keep the spark alive.

2. Video Chat

Moreover, the bookship app allows users can always have instant virtual video chats with others using the feature. So, whether they wish to have a virtual book club meeting or want to have a book-reading discussion, the video chat feature connects in an instant.

3. Meet the Author

So, What can be more interesting than having a chance to engage with the author of their favorite book and have a one-to-one discussion?

This feature in the app holds a live author meeting program for the readers via app’s video chat feature or zoom call with best-selling authors from NY Times, USA Today, and National Book Awards finalists.

4. The Café

As fancy is the name of this feature, this feature in the bookship app offers an interesting functionality to its users.

The Café is a public discussion area where users meet other app users from around the world interested in similar genres or reading the same book.

5. Browse

This section provides updates and relatable recommendations based on user interest and preferred genres.

Also, the app keeps an eye on what the leading book reviewers are talking about to make relevant recommendations.

6. Bookship Premium

Although Bookship app is a free app, it has a premium version with $2.99 per month, offering significant insights into every important piece of information about the book and its author.


The Business Potential of a Social Reading App like Bookship

As per research by Statista, the number of book readers in 2019 and the past 12 months accounted for more than 80% of users.

While this included a significant percentage of readers from generation X (as much as 68%), millennials and Generation Z are also inclined towards book reading in any format, as shown in the image below.


Image Source: Statista

On the other hand, the global book reading market is expected to grow beyond $124.2 billion by the end of 2025, with more than $12 billion generated from the e-books market.

While book reading apps are providing noticeable benefits to the users, including customizability, comprehensive digital book library, and convenience, they can enable businesses to capitalize on promoting book reading for the following reasons;

  • Encourage reading habits in millennials and improve mental health.
  • Minimize deforestation by reducing the use of paper.
  • Provide convenient and accessible means to read books.

In addition to this, social book reading apps like the bookship app can also be a good way to bring readers and authors together and provide a healthy platform to share ideas and thoughts.

Similarly, it must be noted that bookship app has bagged more than 5000 downloads since it’s release date, and is expected to become a user favorite soon.

Also, since investing in a socializing app helps you enable a positive brand image, gain greater customer insights, and create more revenue streams, investing in one can only be beneficial.

With technology becoming the driving force in our lives, both personally and professionally, investing in an online book reading app focused on a user-centric approach can help businesses gain a competitive edge in the market.

So, investing in book reading app development in a market like the bookship app where a substantial number of users are looking for a wholesome reading app can be a lucrative idea.


How Can Entrepreneurs Monetize a Social Reading App like Bookship App?

Talking about the Bookship app, it focuses on providing a platform where readers can come together to discuss and share their thoughts about the book while reading it.

With simple features, a user-centric approach, and a winning revenue model, the app is definitely making the tables turn.

Considering this, building an app with a definite purpose, the right feature-set, and an effective revenue model helps you transform your app idea into a million-dollar app business.

For instance, here, the Bookship app is a free app that earns through advertisements. Similarly, there are several other revenue models for free and paid apps that you can use. For more details about the app revenue models, here’s a complete guide.

So, whether you are interested in investing in a social app for book readers or developing a book reading app like the bookship app with a vast book library, focusing on the following app features can help you effectively capitalize your app idea:

1. Personalize Your App

According to a study by Deloitte, nearly 48% of users prefer using personalized products and services. So, when it comes to developing an app for your users, make sure to offer great bandwidth for users.

For instance, you may add a search bar to enable users to look for their preferred genres or book categories.

2. Make it Responsive

Moreover, make sure to make your app as responsive as possible. For example, incorporating night mode or enabling audio reading features to improve user experience.

3. Add Socials To it

The Bookship app offers social media connectivity to its users to enhance connectivity with friends and family.

Similarly, enabling access to different social media platforms should also be an essential part of your app. While this would help your users interact with their friends and family, it would also help market your app.

4. Improve Accessibility

Instead of targeting a single platform, opting for cross-platform app development can help you target more audiences, improve app scalability and user accessibility. just like the Bookship app is available for both android and iOS users.

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Wrapping Up

This sums up our discussion on the Bookship app.

Although it might be a simple social book reading app; the idea and thought behind it has a great market potential to revolutionize the book app industry.

On the flip side; as users are looking for convenient book reading solutions, investing in a similar idea can be a prospective idea for entrepreneurs.

So, are you interested in tapping into the app development Company world with a smart book reading app idea? Tekrevol can be your perfect digital transformation partner.

Let’s Connect.


Author : Mehreen Saleem

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