Apple’s iOS 13.5 Offers New Features We Need Right Now

Author: SUNAINA KAKREJA | May 21, 2020 - TekRevol Team
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The beta version of iOS 13.5 is now available for iOS developers, iPhone application development companies, and tech enthusiasts. It is focusing majorly on coronavirus-related updates as well as releasing the foundation of the upcoming contact tracing API feature that will set the course on how authorities get better control over the spread of the virus.

The iOS 13.5 version has established three significant changes and completely new features, which is surprising enough. Along with the easily most crucial update of setting the groundwork for contact tracing API, there are also modifications for Face ID algorithm for people wearing masks, and FaceTime group calls.

What’s new in iOS 13.5?

The timings of this new version by Apple is intriguing enough. We can’t deny that the needs or expectations of Apple users today are somewhat different then they would be a few months ago. But the question is, has the tech giant incorporated the new needs of the world post-coronavirus outbreak of COVID-19. And if yes, then up to what extent. Let’s see what users will find in the latest iOS and iPad OS 13.5.

Face ID for users wearing masks

Wearing a mask is no more an option. It has become a reality of the world and its people. Everyone, including business owners and companies, are trying to adopt necessary practices like working from home. Here are six entrepreneurs sharing their strategies to work from home and take better control of this pandemic.

However, for iOS users, it would make more sense for the Face ID option to consider the new world where people wear masks. If you have been wearing a mask every day, you would know how irritating it can get to pull the mask down every time you have to do a routine task like pay at the register or use your phone. But, we can’t ignore that the algorithm of Face ID to work on people wearing the mask will compromise the security Apple provides its users. Apple sure has come up with a clever, but simple fix without making their facial recognition system any less secure than it is now. Hence, to better cater to this new way of living, Apple has made the facial ID fail state less painful and annoying for the millions of iPhone users.

Typically, after swiping up to unlock their phones, users would have to wait for a second or a few for the Face ID to fail and to see the option of entering their passcode. Well, with the 13.5 updates, your device will directly display the keypad so you can enter your password without any waiting time for the Face ID to fail every time you want to use your device. It may seem like a fairly small change, but people who need to wear a mask consistently will surely appreciate the modification.

This update will work to unlocking the iPhone, buying an Apple Books title, authenticating an App Store purchase, Apple Pay, and iTunes. Besides, it will operate for all other apps where you have to sign in with Face ID support. This is for sure one of the timeliest updates within iOS 13.5.

Contact tracing API

The new version also introduced the highly needed, a new feature of contact tracing. This would be the first version of Apple and Google contact tracing API, application programming interface, for developers. This is a big update for iPhone application development companies and iOS developers, as they can start the development process and testing their app ideas while incorporating contact tracing tech. This update may not mean anything for general iOS users until the state health institutions and other government bodies build apps that use the contact tracing API to automate the contact tracing process when someone is tested positive.


This unprecedented collaboration between two of the greatest tech leaders shows how the world has come together to offer support in whatever way possible to make their contribution to the world out of these challenging times. The most urgent and timely update within 13.5 iOS has to be the API that enables notifications for COVID-19 contact tracing.

The new document issued by CDC talks about the principles of contact tracing apps and how they should work. Besides, the new contact tracing API launched by Apple and Google and the exposure notification system, part of the iOS 13.5 update, align pretty well with CDC’s requirements. This might be the start of more contact tracing apps to come for public use.

Find out more about contract tracing apps, how they work, and TraceTogether, an app being used in Singapore to help limit the spread of COVID-19.

Improvement in Group FaceTime experience

Group FaceTime calls and other video conferencing tools like Zoom, have come out to be saviors in these times. Whether it is business and team meetings, call with clients, online classes, or just catching up with family and friends, video and audio calling platforms have genuinely made this time more constructive for everyone.

Check out some critical app ideas during the outbreak of coronavirus.

Coming back to iOS 13.5, when you make a group FaceTime call, the Apple system automatically zooms in on the screen of a specific person who is speaking. However, this may become challenging when attendees go over four or five. The new update allows users to disable this feature.

How to get 13.5 beta for your iOS devices

In case you are a registered iOS developer and you want to get the new iOS 13.5 beta version, then head to Apple developers from the device where you want to install the latest beta version. From there, you can navigate and download the beta version. Make sure you have installed your profile before you reset your Apple device. Find out more about how developers and the general public can get 13.5 iOS beta version into their devices.

Also, for Apple lovers, we have a great blog on “The Best App For Your Apple Watch.” The blog covers the most innovative apps that you can leverage for various tasks, so check it out.


Sunaina Kakreja is a creative content writer and digital marketer at TekRevol. She works closely with B2C and B2B businesses providing blog writing, video script writing, ghostwriting, copywriting and social media marketing services.

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