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April 30, 2019 - The Tekrevol Team
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TekRevol’s dynamic team is always seeking better ideas and practices to implement in everything we do. We start everyday with the aim to explore new territories and aren’t afraid to try something different.

This time around, we collaborated with James Beattie, owner of OTT Marketing LTD and created a mobile app that revolutionizes the livestock farming industry, allowing farmers to let go of conventional practices and adopt fast-paced, digitalized business trends.

The concept of building the Mart Book app was to provide an interactive platform for livestock farmers to explore the local markets and sell and buy animals of their choice, through the ease of mobile devices. With the help of our design and development teams, we created a unique app with an attractive user interface and engaging user experience for modern-day livestock farmers. The Mart Book App not only allows its users to sell and buy animals online, but also generates reports, allows users to receive live notifications, view upcoming lots and manage their personal profiles.

While talking to GoodFirms, a B2B research platform, James says, “Our App is based on a unique concept and very specific to the Irish Market. TekRevol were excellent in grasping the concept and following through on the design and the development.”

At TekRevol, it’s no secret that revolutionary ideas stir us up, and James’s ideas were nothing short of that. We strive to offer innovative solutions that are effective, and create disruptive mobile apps that offer ease, convenience and the best experience to users. Talking about his experience with TekRevol, James said, “It has been an absolute pleasure working with TekRevol on our App and website development project. They meet all the deadlines from their end and they did a top-class job from start to finish. Communication was excellent with them also.”

When asked what he liked the most about working with TekRevol, James replied, “Communication, professionalism, and IT knowledge”. He also said, “We look forward to a long and prosperous relationship with them. They are extremely professional and skilled in what they do. If you are thinking of hiring them, just do it, you will never look back.”

Overall, the collaboration of our mobile app development team with James Beattie, has been lucrative and enlightening. It was a whole new industry and market to make an impact in, and instigating the shift from traditional practices to the digital world was the highlight. Our client-first approach and creative work flow allow us to deliver personalized digital solutions, designed specifically for each client’s digital ecosystem. And at the end of every project we make sure that the services our clients get reflects our reliable partnership, throughout their project journey.

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Sunaina Kakreja is a creative content writer and digital marketer at TekRevol. She works closely with B2C and B2B businesses providing blog writing, video script writing, ghostwriting, copywriting and social media marketing services.

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