Mobile App Development tips to increase overall App Quality

Author: SUNAINA KAKREJA | July 18, 2019 - TekRevol Team
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Developing your mobile app is not enough anymore. To gain the attention of your audience and make them keep coming back to your app, you need to consider these mobile app development tips to increase the overall app quality.

People are 24 hours available on the internet, but only the right partnership with a mobile app development company can help you capture the World Wide Web market. A mobile app is a perfect medium to effectively reach and connect with your audience.


Even though we have millions of apps available to us, on average, people usually use around 15 types of mobile apps on a regular basis using their Android or iOS mobile phones. Every day thousands of apps are uploaded on app stores, however, only a few of them actually flourish and do business.

Most of the businesses that go to a mobile app development company are well aware of the fact that their mobile app is going to help increase revenue, take the business from a local to the global level, and keep the customers connected and engaged. Moreover, mobile apps help businesses expand their operations and take their brand to the next level smartly and tangibly.

However, where most business owners are focused on “how to make a mobile app?” they should be more concerned about “how to increase the app quality?”

Though the internet is very helpful, as you can learn a lot from mobile app development courses, trainings, guidelines, tricks, etc. However, the better option is to take help from an innovative Android app development company that can make your app stand out.

In this blog, we talk about some very important mobile app development tips that help increase the overall app quality and we address a few other problems and concerns that businesses should know about when creating their mobile app.

Mobile app development trends

It is important that before you actually start your mobile app design and development process or even before you start following any mobile app development guide, you should first be aware of the latest mobile app development trends. Only then you will be able to create an app that’s relevant for your audience in the present time and helps you deliver on your business goals.

However, recently advanced technologies like AR, VR and AI are driving the mobile industry, and we expect the market to only become more tech-driven. Hence, it is recommended to your research, consider the possible technologies that would go well with your mobile app concept and market trends.

Research shows over 125 million people in the US own smartphones and around 62 percent of these people use their smartphones to make online purchases, and 80 percent of shoppers in the US lookup for product reviews and compare the prices. This is one of the reasons why more businesses and startups want to create mobile apps for their unique idea and turn it into success

However, don’t forget that mobile apps that have the best features, design, tools, software, architecture, functionalities, user interface, and social support, will grow more. Hence, it is important to consider and follow a guide your mobile app development company provides to increase the app quality.

Important augmented and virtual reality trends for 2019

Things to do before mobile app development

Don’t just put your mobile app idea under the table, make sure you start doing research and collect everything you can find related to your idea. Most of the times people are unable to understand their own ideas because they are too tangled and not backed by research. Thus, one of the first steps to increase the quality of your mobile app is to research well on your idea.

  • Search for local apps that are developed with the exact same concept as your app.
  • Use each of these apps for at least seven days.
  • Write down their functionalities, unique and attractive points, and other attributes. Basically, break down your competitors’ app into sections, and make a list and save screenshots.
  • Google the technologies that were used in the apps. Also, make sure to look up upcoming technologies in the mobile app development industry.
  • Check out their reviews, ratings, and feedback, and try to look for their social media accounts to follow them.
  • Understand their design flow and also look up the latest mobile app development design trends.


Now that you know apps in the market with a similar concept as yours inside, out, you will be able to design and develop your app with better quality in more than one way.

Try automation!

The best way to increase the overall app quality of your mobile app is to give them something that they need or like. Hence, we recommend trying automation because people these days are demanding smart apps that enhance the user experience and engagement.

To really understand the use of apps, it is important for you to understand data. This is where artificial intelligence-enabled apps play an important role in the user experience and data funneling. The integration of AI in your mobile app development process will use a unique style of coding which will disable time-consuming, manual practices. Moreover, implementing technologies, like AR, VR, blockchain and advance cybersecurity measures with cloud computing services in the mobile app development plan, will put you years ahead of competitors in the market.

How do you test mobile applications?

These days most of the people want to build an app that’s available on both Android and iOS, as no business would want to miss out on millions of possible users. Hence, as your cross-platform app will include both cross-platform codes and codes that are specific to a single platform, it is important that you test your app often.

Don’t spend the entire time working on the Android version, only to later find the objects in off positions, fonts needing adjustment or the app simply crashes when loading. Thus, we recommend testing often, so that if something breaks, you can identify the problem immediately and fix it.

The user of your app is the most important part of the idea when you are building the app. Think like a user of the app and then plan how the platform works. Being the user of your app will give you the right perceptive and allow you to experience it yourself. While doing this, also look around in the market, examine, compare and analyze other apps honestly. When testing the app, ask yourself, would you really use this app? Make sure you create an app that conforms to your own standards. Also, remember if you love your app, it is most likely that your users will love it as well.

See how you can get your mobile app pre-launch testing perfected.

How do you optimize an app?

App Store Optimization, ASO, is very important for the success of your app, it is the process that optimizes your app to help you achieve a higher rank in the app store search results. It is also referred to as app store SEO and mobile app SEO, due to its similarity to Search Engine Optimization, SEO, for websites.

App development company

Find the right app store keywords

One of the most effective ways to improve your app store search rankings is to use the right keywords. Use the keywords that your users are likely to use when looking for services similar to yours.

Use your app store keywords in the right place

After you choose the right keywords for your mobile app, the next step in-app search optimization is to use these keywords in the right places.

Your keyword should be your title. Use your keyword in the app title but make sure it’s short, relevant and smart and something that connects with your customers. Studies show apps with keyword in title rank higher than an app with no keyword in the title.

Your app description is another opportunity to create need and desire for your app. Add a bullet list, addressing your app’s biggest features to create a persuasive app description. Also, remember to keep your app description short and engaging, so that the users don’t lose interest while reading.

Convert visitors into users

Once you are done with app store keyword optimization, the third and last step is to optimize the app store page. The major goal of app store optimization is to increase your app installs. Hence, your app detail page should be persuasive and targeted enough to convert the app store visitors into your app users.

Make sure you design your app icon to be unique so that it grabs users’ attention immediately and also works as your call-to-action button as well.

Your first three screenshots are very important, they are going to be the visual selling points for people. Moreover, these days video content is more popularly consumed on digital channels, which is why we recommend using an engaging preview video of your app.

The more positive reviews and ratings your app gets, the more it’s going to show up high in the search results. Furthermore, you can facilitate your users by making sure your app’s size is not too large to negatively impact your users’ experience.

How can you improve the mobile app performance?

When you are developing your mobile app, it can be very easy to pitfall to only focusing on the user experience, design and app marketing, especially when not working with a mobile app development company. However, the biggest reason for users to not return back to your app is mobile app performance. You have to consider that bad performance will hurt your business and might scare potential users away from the app.

Research says over 50 percent of all users have experienced some problems with mobile apps. This figure should be a major concern of businesses because 80 percent of the consumer will only try again using an app once or twice if it didn’t work the first time. Hence, you should take mobile app performance seriously to increase the quality of your app. The performance of your app mostly has to do with how fast or slow your app loads, how smoothly the app features work, and if the app crashes down in the moment of peak user activity. Thus, your aim should be, the faster the better. Delay of a single second can cost you a substantial portion of your customers.

Here is how you can improve your app performance and increase the app quality:

mobile app development company

Provide native experiences

If it is possible for you, go for native apps. A native app will perform much better than a hybrid or web app. As native apps are originally designed for one specific operating system, Android or iOS, they are much faster, more intuitive for users and allow complete use of the device’s features like images, GPS, etc.

Resize and compress your app images

As often is the case, big-sized images slow your app down. Using compress images help reduce the size of your app without compromising on the quality. It is also recommended to resize your app images, so they don’t use an unnecessary amount of bandwidth.

Front and backend data

Most of the time, businesses focus on front-end performance and user experience. However, it is equally important to monitor the back-end. There are several APIs to consider like content servers, mapping services, payment processors, and more, they can really help and power up the responses for your app.

Cut down on unnecessary features

Sometimes businesses think they can improve the user experience by offering more features. But as the saying goes, less is more, it’s also true for mobile apps. Extra features are not worth it if they reduce the stability and performance of your app. Most users would prefer an app that is fast and works smoothly with specific features over an app that offers a lot of features but is slow. Make sure you are clear about the main features of your app that are vital to the original idea and just focus on those.

Understanding and considering these mobile app development tips when creating your mobile app will help you deliver an app that not only offers quality user experience but it will also allow your brand your stand out among the competitors.


Sunaina Kakreja is a creative content writer and digital marketer at TekRevol. She works closely with B2C and B2B businesses providing blog writing, video script writing, ghostwriting, copywriting and social media marketing services.

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