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December 28, 2018 - The Tekrevol Team
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After months and months spent on planning and developing your next big mobile app, everyone would be more than anxious to launch their product. Feeling a bit apprehensive and nervous is understandable, but it’s necessary to invest time and resources into the pre-launch testing of your app.

People often leave testing as the last stage of development, but seasoned teams and development professionals know that it should be an ongoing process from the very first prototype. Testing your mobile app throughout the development process ensures the desired usability and marketability of the product.

our digital partner can help you gather intelligence and insight on your mobile app before it actually hits the market. Which is why pre-launch testing plays a crucial role in the long-term success of your application.

Not sure what a mobile app pre-launch process entails?

We can help with that.

Find focus groups who can give effective feedback

For your mobile app pre-launch testing to be effective you need focus groups who can provide useful and unbiased feedback. It always is a better idea to test your product among multiple audiences.

Your internal staff can be a good start for the testing process. You can get your employees in IT or marketing, who are familiar with the product goals and who can identify or foresee the issues and glitches, to test the app.

However, if you think your employees’ feedback may be limited as they might not belong to the targeted demographics, there is also the option to arrange focus groups of people who represent your desired customers. This may be more efficient to gather unbiased, objective feedback.

Involve industry influencers who will generate buzz

It is a smart move to involve industry influencers into your testing groups, as they will help create a buzz about your app before it hits the market. Bloggers and influencers, who have a strong online presence in the relevant field, can help get your mobile app positive exposure.

Blogs have become the new, trustworthy go-to place for product reviews, the influence of digital media is unavoidable when you are at the pre-launch phase of your software. As your digital partner, marketers at Tekrevol can help you create a buzz among your target audience through engaging blogs and powerful social media presence.

Conduct quality assurance tests across different aspects

First and foremost, mobile app QA tests should test usability and ensure the app works properly and performs all functions as required. These tests help you understand how easy to use the app is, how quickly users can become familiar with the user interface and how satisfied users will be with the overall experience. They also tell you what needs to improve and what possible challenges and glitches may arise along the road.

The pre-launch QA should also test how intuitive and design friendly your app is, as well as if the aesthetics and branding are in-sync with the functionality. It is also important to check the compatibility of your app across different mobile devices, browsers and with different OS software. Only by gathering feedback on all these aspects, you will be able to provide a more seamless user experience.

The bottom line

Pre-launch testing is the key to the success of any mobile application. However, you need an IT company, a digital partner like Tekrevol, who offers end-to-end mobile solutions, from working on the concept to the pre-launch and deployment. We have got our pre-launch testing perfected to ensure the final product you introduce in the market meets your company’s goals and drives your bottom line.

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