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March 1, 2019 - The Tekrevol Team
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Our mission at Tekrevol is to seek better ideas and practices to implement in every aspect of what we do. That’s exactly what we did with Beach Bandit, a one-stop solution, beach rental app. It offers a wide variety of beach accessories and equipment for a fun day at the beach.

What sets Beach Bandit apart is that it is an on-demand delivery app that delivers your customized beach accessories on your specified location at the beach.

While working on Beach Bandit, our team wanted to provide the users with a personalized experience and a sense of comfort and ease which can only be achieved with an intuitive user interface and journey. We believe working on a project becomes a much more satisficing process when our client is just as passionate as us. Luckily, with Beach Bandit it was a perfect collaboration.

Recently, Anthony DeJulio, the Owner and Founder of Beach Bandit, was asked what was the most impressive aspect of working with us.

He replied, “I appreciate the constant contact and dedication to being on the same page. TekRevol is equally as excited about the project as I am. Their team is extremely invested, offering feedback and ideas to improve my approach. It makes me feel good to work with a team that cares as much as I do.”

We believe in evolving and testing everything we do and at every stage of project development. We take our clients along the ride when designing and developing their products, to make sure we do justice to their vision and requirements.

In a recent interview, Anthony said that “Throughout the project, their team provides screenshots and wireframes. I test the application through emailed links.”

Beach Bandit is truly a user-facing app, it is easy to navigate, it has intuitive user journey and offers a personalized experience for each user. From delivery to user’s specified location to being able to track their order, Beach Bandit takes care of everything while you have a fun, relaxing day at the beach.

At Tekrevol, we believe that for the success of any collaborative partnership there needs to be effective communication. This is why we make sure to be always accessible for our clients and have an open, back and forth medium of communication that we both are comfortable with.

When asked about Tekrevol’s perform from the project management standpoint, Anthony replied saying that, “Working with my account manager is terrific. He’s thorough, making sure I’m satisfied before moving onto the next phase. We have conference calls with the developer. After the calls, the developer puts everything into action once he understands my goals. We frequently text and email. They’ve become part of my team.”

As they say, strength and growth come only through continuous effort and struggle, we like to think that innovation and working towards pushing the envelope to be your best version has a part to play as well.

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