Important Augmented and Virtual Reality Trends For 2019

January 16, 2019 - The Tekrevol Team
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Along with artificial intelligence and automation, Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) have been touted as technologies that are likely to have an overwhelmingly transformative effect on the way we live and work.

Technologies that allow humans to experience fully immersive computer-generated worlds with VR and overlay computer graphics onto people’s view of their immediate environment with AR, both are progressively being adopted in entertainment and other industries.

Over this year, both VR and AR applications will only become more sophisticated, just as devices become more powerful and capable of offering higher quality visuals.

Moreover, during this time, how humans navigate and interact within virtual and augmented environments will also evolve, leading way to the creation of more natural systems and approaches to interact and explore the VR and AR space.

AR and VR increasingly enhanced with AI

Unlike any other technology that has come before, AR and VR developers will progressively create smart, cognitive functionality into their applications.

AI technology allows computers to comprehend what they are seeing through cameras, which is essential for AR to work. It allows the objects in the user’s field of vision to be first identified and labeled. It is expected that machine learning algorithms that enable these functions will become increasingly sophisticated and capable.

A most relevant example of this technology would be Snapchat and Instagram filters that we use, like overlaying bunny and dog ears. They are very consumer-facing applications of AI technology alongside AR.

VR involves putting people inside virtual environments, and these environments and their inhabitants are most likely to become more intelligent over the year. There can be more voice control stemming using AI natural language processing and more immersion by reducing the use of icons and menus taking away from the virtual world experience.

Consumer entertainment VR hits the mainstream

The previous generations of VR headsets have been limited in two major ways. Either by the user being bound to a big computer that can power the experience and which will limit their mobility and sense of immersion. Or by using relatively low-powered mobile devices to feature the stand-alone headsets, which will limit the graphics quality.

However, this year some more stand-alone headsets will hit the shelves with powerful, dedicated computer technology. It is predicted that this technology will help users be unrestricted by cables or low-powered displays and VR developers will be able to create more realistic and accurate simulations.

VR and AR environments becoming progressively collaborative and social

Facebook’s purchase of Oculus in 2016 revealed that even the social media giant thinks that virtual reality has the potential to become vital to the way we create shared online environments. From virtual conference calls that allow participants to see and interact with each other to socializing and hanging out with friends.

Pioneers of the industry are leading the way AR tools within the boardroom and office where participants can see virtual whiteboards and pin boards, as well as work together on design documents overlaid on real-world objects.

With increasing sophistication and capabilities of AR and VR technologies, combined with the predicted rise in the sales of VR and AR headsets, this could mean that 2019 is the year of major changes, new opportunities, and more high-end quality experiences.

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