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At Tekrevol, we provide real estate portal development services in order to improve the performance of your business.

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Real Estate Portal Development

Must-have real estate portal features Tekrevel enterprise solutions delivers.

We partner with our clients to design, develop, manage, and upgrade their business processes for higher efficiency and ROI.


We work with the mobile-first approach. All features of your real estate portal will be designed to provide best experience on all screen sizes.

Dynamic Design

Effective web design is very important to attract users and make them explore further. We make sure the design compliment the web content and functionalities.

SEO Friendly

We will design your website to be optimized and rank high on major search engines so that our client can benefit from high brand visibility.

Advanced Search Features

We deliver robust web and mobile development solutions for real estate businesses and use the latest search features for better user experience.

Business Intelligent Tools

we offer future focused tools and features using the most advanced technologies like property search, mortgage calculators, map integration and more.

Easy Site Management

We build the most intuitive real estate portals with the improved efficiency that makes it easy to use for the users and easy to manage for the admin.


Robust Web & Mobile Real Estate Portal Development

The real estate industry has become even more competitive with increasing online inclination of the market. At Tekrevol, we have a team of trusted designers, developers and industry-specific, expert consultants who can help create a unique brand identity for your business and help meet user expectation with advanced functionalities and literally incorporate any feature that you may wish to have.


What set us apart?

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Brand Identity

With enterprise services, we develop and deploy smart products that build and maintain a strong brand identity in the client's specific industry and among the target audiences.

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Branding 01
User Interface 02
User Experience 03
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User Interface Design

Our UI designs include interactive interface elements that enable users to easily and productively interact with client applications to ensure accomplishment of desired goals.

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User Interface 02
User Experience 03
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User Experience Design

UX plays a major role in the process to ensure that the user leaves satisfied from your web or mobile platform. It enables effective interaction with your audience and helps you meet their brand expectations.

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User Interface 02
User Experience 03
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Personalization is the key

Since no two enterprises are exactly alike, we are always striving to put together innovative, customized enterprise solutions for clients, for each app, software, and platform we deliver.

Collaborative Approach

We work really well with startup businesses and help them establish their unique brand in the industry to grow and expand their market into a profitable niche.

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