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Healthcare industry is highly influenced by the latest technology and innovations. We can help you keep up.

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Tekrevol Healthcare Solutions

We build intelligent healthcare platforms for updated care plans and an unparalleled user experience.

We offer a wide range of medical mobility and IoT enterprise services. We help create world-class, custom apps for the medical and healthcare industry.

Electronic Health Record

We help develop smart, electronic health record system that focuses on easy usability and integration with a hospital and clinic's existing system.

Process Management

We can build apps to streamline process management like scheduling appointments and following up with patients and save lots of valuable time.

Lifestyle Tracking

We create apps that help individuals monitor and keep track of their everyday physical activities, for mobile and wearable devices.

Software Integration

We build prescribing apps to help store patients' allergies, prescription data, and biometrics. It will simplify the prescription management & minimize errors.

Patient Portal

We build intuitive user interface and include multiple integration features, like accessible treatment plans and e-consultations, to help patients and doctors connect.

Specific Data Analysis

We enable healthcare service providers to better keep up with regular activities with data warehouse reports, custom visualization, and analytics and predictions.


Remote patient monitoring

At Tekrevol we can help build a highly customizable micro-service architecture for telehealth and remote patient monitoring. It will enable you to easily integrate with EMR systems and form a broad healthcare solution for a better experience that includes:

  • Connectivity with portable devices
  • Video & audio streaming
  • Set emergency notifications
  • Data visualization

Connected Medical Devices

We can help build smart platforms to help medical practitioners and staff to collect and process all patient history and data for on-time delivery of healthcare services. These platforms will also enable efficient remote healthcare services like diagnostic, testing, troubleshooting and other features like:

  • Real-time data collection & analysis
  • Remote control & device configuration
  • Send events and notifications to other devices
  • Monitor device operations

Smart Hospital

At Tekrevol, we can help create a platform that addresses a wide range of smart hospital functions that can help connect rooms, electronic medical record management system, smart alerts and notifications, and smartphone-based assistance for caregivers.

  • Patients can track treatment processes
  • Real-time staff allocation
  • In-hospital patient flow management system
  • Set emergency alerts triggered by the patient's data

What set us apart?

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Brand Identity

With enterprise services, we develop and deploy smart products that build and maintain a strong brand identity in the client's specific industry and among the target audiences.

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User Interface Design

Our UI designs include interactive interface elements that enable users to easily and productively interact with client applications to ensure accomplishment of desired goals.

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User Experience Design

UX plays a major role in the process to ensure that the user leaves satisfied from your web or mobile platform. It enables effective interaction with your audience and helps you meet their brand expectations.

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Personalization is the key

Since no two enterprises are exactly alike, we are always striving to put together innovative, customized enterprise solutions for clients, for each app, software, and platform we deliver.

Collaborative Approach

We work really well with startup businesses and help them establish their unique brand in the industry to grow and expand their market into a profitable niche.

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