Internet of Things App Development Solutions

With secure IoT solutions, we help you optimize your business operations and use IoT platforms to monitor your operations, gather big data, and save valuable time.

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IoT services Tekrevol offers

From in-store smart shelving experience to optimizing your logistics, our interconnected IoT solutions help you drive the progress of your enterprise.

IoT Consultancy

We have a team of expert IoT consultants with years of experience in the industry. Contact us now and get your free consultation.

IoT Solutions

Our team will provide you with customized IoT solutions for your business. We come up with highly flexible and secure strategies for diverse IoT devices.

IoT Architecture Development

We comprehensively understand the operations of our clients and only then design and develop the architecture needed to flawlessly connect with their devices.

IoT Module Development

We help you reach your business goals by developing customized IoT module that enables you to make the best of your IoT technology.

IoT Testing

We have a team of IoT experts who provide you with quality IoT testing services to ensure your devices and systems operate smoothly with available data.

Support & Maintenance

We have a technical team available 24*7 to assist you in case you face any confusion or have any questions regarding your IoT solutions.

Internet of Things solutions & Development

Only 0.06% of all devices with the potential to leverage IoT are actually doing so. This means 99.94% are still available for optimization.

Today, IoT has moved from being another concept to a brilliant digital revolution that has made a big impact on our daily lives. The advanced technology of IoT connects people, machines, systems, and processes into a single technological network.

Many enterprises and organizations are ready to optimize the potential of this effective technology that will change the way businesses interact with resources, clients, machines, and devices.

At Tekrevol, we offer technologically sophisticated Internet of Things solutions and application development services, to help businesses get the greatest advantages from IoT technology. We build customized IoT solutions that are truly the extension of the enterprise and highly based on your operational needs.

Benefits of IoT App Development Solutions

Keeping up with advanced IoT app development solutions can immensely benefit your business in various ways like:

  • Ensure automated and optimized business processes
  • Improved processes in complex business situations
  • Taking real-time, effective business decisions
  • More productive use of business resources
  • Smart and improved supply chain
  • Enhanced marketing automation solutions
  • Greater business revenue generation
The IoT is being called the fourth industrial revolution and is expected to have a value of over $10 trillion by 2025. Mckinsey Global Institute

Our IoT App Development Process

We follow a unique approach towards our IoT app development solutions that help us build apps to best suit your business needs and operations.


It always starts with a strong idea.


With our prototypes, we give you the idea of how your app will look.


Next, we build the architecture of your IoT app.

Design & Dev

Now we begin the actual design and development process.


We only provide fully tested IoT applications for your enterprise.


We monitor & evaluate your app at all times & provide improvements as needed.

Why You Need Tekrevol for IoT App Development Solutions?

We are one of the leading IoT app development companies in the industry and our client-oriented approach, advance knowledge and intuition and passion for the technology is what makes us stand out.

  • We have the technology

    IoT solutions usually require a combination of endpoints, back-end systems, & data. We offer the complete suite of IoT app development services.
  • We have the skills

    IoT app development requires unique, specialist skills. Tekrevol developers are certified & skilled to provide innovative IoT solutions to enterprises.
  • We believe in collaboration

    Our team works in collaboration to bring new ideas & solutions to the table. We use an agile framework for development to have space for modifications.
  • We ensure IoT security

    We use cryptography, anti-intrusion systems, endpoint & firewall protection, & public crypto keys for reliable infrastructure & IoT solutions.
  • We don't resist change

    The rapid advancement & improvement in IoT app solutions can make it hard for enterprises to keep up. Our team is always updated & up for a challenge.
  • We optimize your operations

    IoT solutions can provide real-time stock monitoring, smart shelving, RFID tags, & sensors that save your time & help optimize business operations.

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With our vast experience working with different technologies and services, we can implement a variety of technology stacks that our clients might request.

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