Transform structured & unstructured data into successful business decisions

Tekrevol is a data science and business intelligence company with expertise in agile and business-centric data solutions.

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Benefits of Tekrevol’s big data solutions

Your data is one of the most valuable assets of your business. Data-driven businesses achieve significant benefits and Tekrevol big data consultation services help you practice continuous improvement and predictive planning to enhance customer satisfaction.

Make quick, smart decisions

We can help reduce risk and eliminate waste by enabling you to make smarter, faster, and better business decisions.

Discover business opportunities

Find hidden business opportunities with the smart use of your organization data with the help of big data technology.

Data visualization

We help transform complex data into effective reports & intuitive dashboards through big data analytics.

Scalable solutions

Our big data solutions are flexible and scalable for the specific needs of your business and operations.

Enterprise Big Data Solutions

Roadmap to organizational growth

Tekrevol big data services function on a global level to manage data systems of our clients from around the world, at different stages. We enable you to shift all the focus on your business growth, while we take care of the infrastructure.

Partner with us to get the most value from your business data. We help you by gathering data from multiple sources including large data warehouses, social media and web clickstreams to create a 360-degree view of your organization.

We strive to store, explore, govern, protect and serve you information and insights that primarily boost the outcomes of your business operations, your people and your business environment. We find the right hardware solution for your business and deploy it anywhere in the world.

our process

Our data engineering, advisory & data science solutions utilize extensive big data methodology.

Acquire data

We collect data from multiple sources to help you get complete insights & make effective strategies.

Store data

We build the architecture, integrate, & realize the plan for your big data analytics program to ensure accurate storage of data.

Analyze data

Our design, implementation, & frameworks help you address the bigger picture, the processes, people & technologies.

Comprehensive Big Data Analytics

We offer expertise and end-to-end services to help you harness the potential of data and maximize insight driven business opportunities.

  • Strategy

    Each new technology needs a powerful strategy just like Big Data. We come up with an effective strategy for your business in collaboration with your key stakeholders.
  • Architecture

    Once a clear strategy is defined, we develop a comprehensive architecture that works in accordance with your software. Our services will grow with your business growth.
  • Data warehouse

    We help our clients improve their data warehouses using open source platforms of big data solutions. We design analytics solutions to improve performance and reduce cost.
  • Proof of concept

    We develop proof of concept or proof of technology and test the application on a small scale. We set goals, evaluate and implement and also measure the results of POC.
  • Data science

    At Tekrevol, we have a team of data analysts who have vast experience in working with analytical models to determine possible issues and get them fixed.
  • Big Data Analytics

    Our experts take a smart approach to harvest, analyze and stimulate the data to offer you unique business intelligence solutions that can come to your aid in various business departments.

Technologies and Tools

We consider current trends and emerging technologies in enterprise big data solutions and use tools that best suit the business-specific needs of our clients.

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