Case Study
Oz Leasing

Oz Leasing aims to revolutionize car shopping with its innovative all-online leasing process, it is virtual showroom where customers receive personal attention without the stress and pressure of the traditional dealership experience.

About The Brand

Page for which Facebook advertisement Lead Generation Campaign runned


YEAR - 2017






To increase keyword ranking and rank in top 10 Google pages.

To bring more traffic to the website.


SEO Strategy

Find and fix technical and performance issues with client website with the help of SEO audit.

Achieve client's objectives and improve keyword ranking with the help of off-site and on-site SEO tools.



Fix broken links and other website technical errors and improve page loading time by minifying HTML, CSS, compressing images and other ways.

Work with on-site SEO tools like Alt Tags, Meta Tags, on-site blogs, and re-optimize web copies, and off-site SEO tools like article submission and guest posts, to improve the ranking of the targeted keywords.


Budget & Schedule

Lifetime Budget: USD $50/-

Ad Schedule Duration: Thursday, Nov 22, 2018 11:00am (Start Date)

Sunday, Nov 23, 2018 11:30pm (End Date)



Keyword: Cheap Car Leasing

Monthly Search Volume: 14,800

Before: Not in top 100 position

After: 31th Position (4th Page)

Keyword: Best New Car Deals

Monthly Search Volume:4,400

Before: Not in top 100 position

After: 77th Position (8th Page)

Keyword: BMW Lease Fort Lauderdale

Monthly Search Volume: 27,100

Before: Not in top 100 position

After: 21st Position (3rd Page)

Keyword: Best Car Lease Deals

Monthly Search Volume: 9,900

Before: Not in top 100 position

After: 49th Position (5th Page)

Keyword: Audi A3 Lease

Monthly Search Volume: 2,400

Before: Not in top 100 position

After: 16th Position (2nd Page)

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