Human Resource

Our HR team ensures that our values and culture remains strong and growing among our people.


Being a people-centric company, we always listen to what our people have to say and challenge ourselves to provide more exposures and experiences to them. Our HR team is always looking for new ways to drive our people's well-being and motivation at work.

HR executive opportunities at Tekrevol

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Benefits & Rewards

At Tekrevol, we believe in generously rewarding our team by offering various benefits, rewards and multiple opportunities to keep them motivated and winning as a team.

Time flexibility

Along with casual and sick leaves, team Tekrevol can also choose the working hours that suit them, provided it doesn’t compromise team goals.

Fast-paced career path

We encourage, support and provide opportunities to our team to develop their professional skills, grow themselves and remain relevant and competitive in the industry.

Office Perks

We organize office picnics for team members to relax, we celebrate every member's birthday with a blast and give away gifts for newborns.

Performance rewards

We don't just appreciate a good performance, but we believe in rewarding our team at Tekrevol with appreciation letters and monthly rewards.

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